Tips for Making Your Home a Happy Place

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Many people find themselves feeling blue or in a place of dissatisfaction, but can’t pinpoint where the source is.  If you spend a lot of time at home, it’s crucial to have a “home” and not just a place to live.

Your decoration should reflect your personality, and contain things that make you feel happy. Maybe it’s a velvet Elvis painting, or maybe even a pea green carpet. In addition to your personal flair, however, there are some basic traits to a home that work with human psychology to increase your happiness.

Incorporate some of these decoration tips, and watch your happiness grow.

Photos of People You Love

What do you have on your walls right now?  Imagine if instead of a generic image or no image at all, you surrounded yourself with photos of people you love.

Perhaps there is an old photograph of your parents that always brings you to a nostalgic period of your childhood.  Or a moment taken of you exploring mountains of Peru.

By surrounding yourself with people, places, and moments that evoke a feeling of happiness in you, you are setting up the perfect environment to feel good.

Live Plants

Besides many of the health benefits of having houseplants, including increased oxygen, and deterring illness, plants also increase our happiness by connecting us to the natural world around us.

At the end of the day, humans, however, domesticated we have become, are still creatures of the planet.  Staring too long at manmade items and not seeing or touching anything natural can leave us feeling totally disconnected from our habitat.

Place a few plants around your house and feed your “jungle” instincts.

Pastel/Beige Colored Decor

While you may have a pea green carpet, or that velvet Elvis painting that brings out your individual style, studies show that colors pale and close to white evoke a feeling of peace.

Lighter colors are associated with feelings of purity and happiness . They also match most color schemes and can be integrated into your current decor.

Try starting with some light colored curtains, or light bedding.  If you like the light colors in these environments then try spreading it throughout the house in more and more places and observe how you feel.  You never know, you might just end up with an entirely beige house!

Lots of Natural Light

Much like plants, humans need light too! If we sit around in the dark for long periods of time we feel lonely and disconnected.

Make sure you have lots of open windows that allow plenty of light to enter.  If you have old windows with years of stains or grit on them, consider getting them replaced.  You’d be surprised at how drastically your mood can change with a clear view out of your window.

A clear window indicates a clear mind.

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