Things to Know Before Getting into Medical Career

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Doctors and teachers are arguably the most respected individuals throughout the world. Teachers shape lives, and doctors save them.

It’s understandable how so many students opt for medical science subjects as part of their high school education, and pursue medical professions thereafter. Healthcare professionals also draw attractive salaries from reputed hospitals, and can also opt for private practice; however, money is not the ideal motivator.

The most successful doctors are those who have genuine feelings of care for their patients, and the zeal to contribute to humanity by alleviating pain, stress, disease, and depression from the lives of people.

If you’re looking to prepare for a fulfilling career in the medical field, here are some vital aspects you need to know.

AIPMT – The Gateway To Your Dream Career in Medical and Healthcare Field

AIPMT is by far the most coveted and sought after medical examination, held annually and conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The examination attracts lakhs of students every tear, and the test is conducted in several testing centers spread across the lengths and breadths of the country. With well-defined syllabus for the examination, professionally conducted examinations year after year, and the most renowned institutes in the country swearing by AIPMT’s standards as a testing mechanism, it’s understandable how seriously students take this test, and invest several hours of study in the same. There are so many medical institutes that offer admissions based on AIPMT scores that students of medicine can apply for admission at an institute offering a course in line with their medical career goals.

Be Wary Of The Mistake Most Students Commit

The general approach adopted by most students who opt for medical sciences as part of their high school education can be summarized as –

  • Limit their efforts towards preparing for AIPMT examination for 2 years
  • After receiving their AIMPT scorecards, opt for a medical education institute based on criteria such as placement history, proximity to native place of residence, number of friends opting for the same institute, etc.
  • Adjusting and compromising to the medical education and specializations offered by the chosen institute.

However, this is not a very bright approach, and can lead to serious dissatisfaction among students as they complete their advanced education and approach their MBBS and BDS degrees. Wring mapping of students of medicine with specializations and ultimate areas of employment can cause early dropouts, less than satisfactory professional performance, and even depression.

The Ideal Approach To Adopt Before The All Important AIPMT Examination

The right approach for planning and undergoing medical education through specialized competitive examinations such as AIPMT and coveted educational institutes in the country should be-

  • Diligently focusing on preparing for AIPMT examination while also developing an appreciation for the medical aptitude you have as an individual
  • Finding information on the medical education careers, courses, and specializations that you think are best matched to your caliber, aptitude, and career motivations.
  • Identifying medical education institutes that offer such courses and opportunities
  • Knowing the competitive examinations that these colleges and universities adhere to, so that you can appear for them and be eligible for admission. Thankfully, most medical educational institutes in India consider AIPMT scores as admission criterion.
  • Cracking the exam, seeking admission, and leveraging the advanced education course to educate, train, and prepare yourself for a rewarding, fulfilling, and suitable medical profession.

It’s expected that AIPMT will see more applications than ever before, as several education and career option surveys have indicated a surge in number of students opting for Medical Science subjects as part of their higher education in schools.

So, look to plan and appear well for AIPMT, because your scores will help you fulfil your dreams in the medical profession you desire the most.

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