The Virtual Office Revolution and How to Take Advantage of it

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Over the last five years, the number of businesses working with flexible routines and alternative corporate models has soared. In Indonesia, remote teams are very well suited to the culture and environment. This is a country which is growing rapidly, so its infrastructure still has a lot of developing to do.

It’s also worth remembering that this is a tropical region. The weather here can be turbulent, and storms, earthquakes, and mudslides are not uncommon. Without flexible remote routines, businesses inevitably suffer. However, virtual solutions are the key to consistency for many. They give employees the freedom to stay productive, whether offsite or in the office.

Virtual Office

Keep reading for more on the benefits of virtual solutions and the best ways to establish your own remote routines.

Register with a Virtual Provider

The first step is to find a great virtual vendor in your city. In Jakarta, one of the very best is located in the International Financial Centre. You’ll notice that this is quite a prestigious location; precisely the kind of spot which big brands are known to chase.

Crucially, the goal of these companies is not to overwhelm home based routines or force small businesses into offices they can’t afford. It is to provide software, communications tools, and other assets in a way which allows them to be professional, formally managed.

Get Your Team On Board

Don’t forget that virtual routines and remote models only work if your employees are absolutely certain what is required of them. This is easier than you might think, even though you can’t monitor the team at all times. In fact, business owners worry about this, but they’re channeling their energy into the wrong thing.

Being able to observe employees directly isn’t the only way to guarantee productivity. It isn’t even the best way because you don’t want to pay for workers to simply be present. At least with remote teams, you’re paying for results. No matter when or how they get tasks done, the important thing is that goals and targets are always met.

Combine the Virtual and Physical

Just because you have the freedom to operate from home, coffee shops, public libraries, and a hundred other places, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid professional environments. Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners must be willing to engage with local communities if they want to thrive and survive.

So, make time to network and mingle with fellow business leaders. This will build up your brand reputation and give you a bit of buzz, with the hope that investors are going to notice. Many virtual facilities host their own networking and pitch events. These are a great way to chat with people from different industries and, possible, strike up lucrative deals.

Believe in Your Business Model

Making the switch from traditional routines to remote models can be daunting. After all, the corporate world has been based on rigid 9-5 schedules for many decades. Yet, behavioral scientists and researchers are clear on the fact that flexible, independent schedules are the key to higher productivity. Whatever your decision, be sure to commit to it. If you want remote teams to achieve, the entire company has to believe not that it’s just possible, but also inevitable.

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