The Mark of a Modern House

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Home building has gone through different phases as the years have progressed. Every year seems to have its signature that upon looking back everybody wonders what the world was thinking. Well, maybe that can be specifically pinned to shag carpets and the colors that accompanied the 70’s, but the 90’s also had their fair share of bad home choices. Carpeted bathrooms, houses with tiny, boxed in rooms that don’t allow any flow or light to the space, and shiplap paneling are all trends that can be seen in homes of yesteryear.

Thankfully, the newer homes are being built to a standard that is easy to see will be enjoyed by people for at least the next several decades and homes that are being remodeled are being shaped to the same standard. You can say goodbye to outdated because the mark of a modern house looks like this:

Lots of Windows

For a long time people were all about their privacy, apparently, because every room in a house was walled off and there weren’t enough windows to adequately light up the home on a good day. This meant that fluorescent lighting was required in bulk to light up spaces that shouldn’t have had the issue of being dark in the first place if it wasn’t for all the walls.

Today, homeowners seek houses that are filled with natural light so this means that wherever there can be a window or a screen door, there is one out there. It’s a big mark of a modern home. People no longer like to be in the dark…maybe they don’t have as many secrets to hide as people in the 60’s and 70’s did…who knows?

Open Concept

Once again, older houses seem to have one thing in common. They’re boxed off. There is no flow from room to room and in order to hold a conversation with somebody you’re literally touching hips in the kitchen or dining room. Today, people are crazy about open concepts. This means that the main living spaces are all almost the same room. There are few walls that separate the kitchen from the living room from the dining room.

This allows for entertaining to be easy and it makes a home feel much bigger and brighter as the space is open, there is room to breathe, and the light coming in from the windows is able to fill up the entire house.

Clean Lines

A modern house is defined by many different things, but one of which is the fact that it has clean lines wherever you look. Wood floors and crisp trim, colors that are monochromatic with the occasional pop of a bright color, and kitchen appliances that are streamlined all help achieve the desire for clean lines in a modern home. If you want your home to have a modern flare, start here.

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