The Irresistible Pull of Distance Learning

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It’s a dream come true for a lot of people – you gain a degree at university and, suddenly, all sorts of employment doors start to open.

But for many, especially in an age of ballooning tuition fees, affording a university education without plummeting into a sea of debt can seem like a remote possibility. And, as credit card bills and student loans mount up, those degree-shaped doors will shut as you’re forced into menial work just to stay afloat.

Distance Learning

However, a world away from campus it’s possible to gain a university education from the comfort of your home, with the help of an online degree.

The Many Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning was once considered to be an unwieldy affair, taking aeons as course materials were sent through the post and obscure books had to be hunted out of libraries. But now, the internet has made the process a heck of a lot easier, with everything you need right at your fingertips.

With just the click of a button between you and a wealth of information, online degrees are arguably more convenient than bricks and mortar universities,with distance learning coupling itself with technology to create an ideal solution for the modern age.

Without the expense of travel costs and extra living accommodation (the BBC recently reported that the cost of living for students had risen to more than £20,000), budding academics will be able to turn their university degree dream into a reality.

Getting the Most Value from Your Education

More than this, potential students have to ask themselves nowadays how much of their time at university is even aimed at their demographic.

Student unions are invariably geared towards a younger crowd, and with the large portion of educational materials available online, those without the penchant for a university “lifestyle” should question everything they can get out of campus.

We live in an age where people are increasingly asked to look at their education from a capitalistic point of view.

What value are you gaining from your time at university? What will you get out of the experience? And, as the price of tuition fees grows to an ever higher level, these questions of value will only be raised further.

That’s why you have to know you’re getting good value for money, and what better way to do that than to study around your job at a time and place that suits you?

As prices at university increase, so, too, do online degrees look more appealing. So, don’t think you can’t find a place in further education – have a gander at distance learning and you might find it easier and cheaper than you ever realized.

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    My Friend is doing this Distance Education.I should suggest him this 🙂

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      Hello Mate, Thanks for your karma. I hope this post may inspire him.

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