The Best and the Worst Ways to Explain the Reason of Leaving Last Job

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Nowadays, a frequent shift between private sector and government sector employees can be noticed very commonly. There is always a ‘why’ enquiring for every change or transposition in a job. Everyone would seek after the reasons for leaving the latter post and rationales behind chasing a new one. Leaving a current job graciously to opt another one expresses so many causes either based on good or the bad terms. You always need to find out an exact explanation before you think of resigning from the ongoing post. You are supposed to reply the similar question while appearing in the upcoming interviews or new job applications that you are planning to pitch on.

These are some of the tips to rationalize the motives behind giving up a particular job.

Significantly good reasons to leave previous job

Some of the legitimate reasons that work out well most of the times to explain the circumstances on resignation letters before an employee decides to move into a new job opportunity are mentioned here.

One of the most important considerations is the career growth and the dream job offer that one would never sacrifice for. Moreover, family circumstances, unsuitable job locations, health reasons, marriage, change of mind, resuming back to college for further studies etc. also adds the best ways to answer the organizations.

Apart from the personal situations, it’s the company that plays an important role and insists the employees to run after a better option. Company might go out of business, get restructured, is at the risk of getting bankrupt, temporary job post, strict working hours or pressure constraints, schedule conflicts, incompatibility to match company targets and limited growth are some of the company related issues that is responsible for the career insecurities and risk the current job. Most of the candidates look out for a healthier, challenging and fresh flavored work so as to learn more and ensure a rapid growth economically as well as professionally.

List of worst reasons to leave previous job

Every individual rushes out to criticize the left out company and bad mouth their staff, boss and platters important personal information. Although the reasons may sound justifiable but you should never use such pessimistic ways even if they are true. It might affect your personality reflecting as an unsatisfied, uncooperative or depressed character. Never say that you were about to get fired or bored at work. Don’t mention of being arrested in a bad company, grudges with the co workers, fed up of long working hours or shifts, lack of transportation and any other controversial statements that could reflect your hatred and monotonous attitude towards the job. It’s not a good way to escape out by impulsively referring the boss or the team members as morons. Instead of attacking people or the work place by harsh comments, one should regard their values by sharing their priorities, interests and other better alternatives in order to explain the authentic and evident basis of leaving their last job.

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