Taking the Road by Storm: The Best Sports Bike in India for Long-Distance Riders

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People often make plans, prepare itineraries, and save for the trip, but they stress most about their bikes. What’s the one travelling goal on everyone’s bucket list? Going to Ladakh, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh on a bike with their friends or partners, right?

On such long road trips, you need a bike that you can rely upon. A bike specially designed for covering long miles is a sports bike. However, with so many options in the market and for beginners yet to experience the mountains, it is a must to explore and decide. Here we will discuss some of the best sports bikes in India that you can get for long-distance travel. But before that, let us find out what are the necessary key points to take into consideration!

Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Bike for Long-Distance Travel

Before you go on your quest to buy the best sports bike in India for long-distance travelling, consider these key points:

  1. When planning to travel long distances, comfort is crucial. Look for a bike that has an upright riding position, a comfortable saddle, and handlebars that allow you to adjust your position easily.
  2. Long-distance travel can put a lot of wear and tear on a bike, so choosing one that is durable and made of high-quality materials is essential.
  3. The weight of your bike is also significant when it comes to long-distance travel. A lighter bike will be easier to handle and manoeuvre, making a big difference when travelling long distances.
  4. Consider how you will store your bike when you’re not riding it. If you plan to travel with your bike, look for one that is easy to disassemble and store in a compact space.
  5. Depending on your travel plans, you may need additional bike accessories, such as panniers, racks, lights, and a bike computer. Invest in these extra costs when budgeting for your bike purchase.

Now that you are aware of the key information that even professional riders take into consideration, you are all set to browse through some of the best sports bikes in India!

Best Sports Bike in India: Options to Consider.

Bajaj Pulsar 250

The first bike in our list of best sports bikes in India is the infamous Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS. Known for its superior braking technology, oil-cooled engine and great mileage, the bike is the perfect pick for long-distance travel. Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS’s engine displacement is 149.07cc, meaning you have an engine that can cover long miles without hassle. The fuel tank capacity is 14 litres, so you can ride without worrying about refuelling midway. The console lets you get a real-time update on the gear indicator, range indicator, fuel efficiency and clock without stopping anywhere. And since the bike is equipped with a bi-functional LED projector headlamp with LED DRLs, you can easily drive through the night, making it one of the best sports bikes in India for both long and short distances.

Bajaj Pulsar N160

Next in our list of best sports bikes in India that you can take on long-distance travel is the other Pulsar, Bajaj Pulsar N160. Available in three colours: Brooklyn Black, Racing Red, and Caribbean Blue. Pulsar N160 is the perfect pick if you want a long-distance bike that will fill you with adrenaline. The rider gets complete control of the bike with the twin-disc brakes and anti-skid braking technology. The bike has a wide torque band that gives 85% of peak power- much more than any other bike in the 160cc segment. The precisely crafted exhaust system near the bike’s centre of gravity contributes significantly to improving balance, handling, and delivering real smooth power to reach your destination in time.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125

One of the favourites among the riders, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is a beast designed to give riders the thrill of taking over any track. It is considered one of the most aggressive bikes in the market from the Pulsar line-up. The eye-grabbing design of the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 makes it an attention magnet that riders will love to flaunt on the road. The bike has a perimeter frame and nitrox suspension for the perfect balance during rides. Regarding brakes, the Pulsar NS125 has an anti-skid braking system that allows riders to zoom through the traffic or speed on the highway without worrying about sudden brakes. All these features make the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 one of the best sports bikes in India to own.


Now that you know about some of the best sports bikes in India, you are all set to visit your nearest Bajaj Auto dealership, take a test drive, and buy the bike. However, if you want to explore more options from Bajaj Auto, you have Bajaj Pulsar RS200, Bajaj Pulsar P150, Bajaj Pulsar 150, and Bajaj Pulsar 125. For more information, visit Bajaj Auto’s official website or your nearest dealership now!

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