5 Types of Investments That You Should Know About


It is one thing to make money to cover your expenses. It is another thing for you to make money and then invest that money back into your future. There are many ways to do this, and what works for one person may not work for someone else. But it is important to understand the … Read more

How to Pick a Small Business 401(k) in 5 Simple Steps


The chances of getting a comfortable retirement are not assured. Research by Economic policy institute, states that only half of workers in the country have access to retirement savings. Well, the research also shows that families approaching retirements have $17,000 savings on average. The saddest part is that half of the small businesses in employees … Read more

Are You Messing Up Your Retirement Plan?

Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is the nastiest and hardest problem in finance. William Sharpe In India, most people postpone planning for retirement for as long as possible. The reason is obvious. Retirement planning comes last, after other life goals, and hence, gets delayed. Moreover, many young individuals are not sure about when should they start saving for … Read more