Essential Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks


Microsoft Excel is one such special application that will always be of paramount importance in an individual’s life. It is a unique program that consists of various binary digits and arcane sheets. Read on to find about the extensive use and invaluable tips about the wonder – Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks. For Deleting the … Read more

Referring to Complete Columns and Rows While Entering Formulae

One usually uses column and row coordinates when entering formulae, but when applying a formula to an entire row, the columns details aren’t needed, all you need are the details of first and last cells of the row.  Vice versa same is for column, when applying formula to an entire column, the row details aren’t … Read more

How to Use Color Conditional Formatting in Excel

Microsoft excel is the branch of Microsoft Office, excel has the feature to calculate any longest account in there sheets in seconds of time. Here we have color conditional formatting rule in Microsoft excel application. First know that what color conditional format is actually, so it is a rule for the numeral values to show … Read more