Some Handy Tips on LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing – Essentials to Know to Get Started!


Imagine you were lost in a strange city and wanted to get to the nearest metro station. Fifteen years ago, you had to inquire every passerby to get information and had to keep on moving until you finally come to the destination. However, it is an alien concept today. If you want to know any … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

LinkedIn Profile Picture

When it comes to LinkedIn, your profile picture is what will make you stand out from others. Including a profile picture on your profile will mean that your profile will be viewed much more than if you did not have one. Profile pictures should always be small, and square shaped. It is this that may … Read more

The Evolution of Social Media

Evolution of Social Media

Social media currently has about 1,730,000,000 active users, and that number is growing everyday according to social media management system, HootSuite. This means approximately 25 percent of the world’s population is involved with a social network, including 1.2 billion on Facebook, 300 million on Google+, 260 million on LinkedIn and 225 million on Twitter. These … Read more