How to Choose the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

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When it comes to LinkedIn, your profile picture is what will make you stand out from others. Including a profile picture on your profile will mean that your profile will be viewed much more than if you did not have one. Profile pictures should always be small, and square shaped. It is this that may or may not leave viewers with a good impression of you.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

We recommend that you get your photo taken by a professional photographer.

However, if you cannot afford a professional photographer, then here are 5 tips to choose the perfect profile picture, also a good source for creating a profile is LinkedIn help.

Your Photo Must Look Like You

Sometimes people will post photos that are completely different to what they look like in real life. When you meet this person, you may find yourself very surprised and somewhat startled. You might even find yourself questioning their credibility.

Always make sure that your profile picture is kept up as up to date as possible. It should be as close as possible to how you look every day. This includes your glasses, your hair and your makeup.

Your Face Should Take Up No Less than Sixty Percent of the Frame

Never include a photo of you if you are far away from the camera. This will not give viewers an idea of what you look like. Your face should take up to no less than sixty percent of the frame. If you need to, you can crop your photo. Cropping should be done from the top area of your shoulders to a little bit past your head. Your face should fill the frame as much as possible.

Don’t forget to show the rest of the world your smile.

Be Sure to Use the Right Expression

It has been said that our smile can be seen through our eyes. It is important that you come across as friendly and warm. There is no need to use a large grin to make you silly. Likewise, you don’t want to have too serious of a look.

You want people to want to believe that they can be comfortable to having an enjoyable and relaxed conversation with you.

Wear the Clothes that You Would Wear to Work

When it comes to clothing, make sure you wear what you would wear to work. Unless of course, you go to work in casual dress. Make your clothing as professional as possible. Avoid being over or under dressed too much. Keep in mind that solid colors blend in best with cameras.

Refrain from wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Make Sure the Background is Not Distracting

Now that you have done all that, the last thing to think about is the background. The last thing you want is something in the background that will distract others away from your face. Backgrounds should be as simple as possible. After all, you are the one the focal point in the photo.

Having a great LinkedIn profile picture will show others that you can be trusted. It will also show them that you are well liked and friendly. This is what will attract future employers. They will want to communicate with you and get to know who you are. So, if you do not have a profile picture, please give this some serious thought. You might be surprised at what a difference this can make.

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