Reasons to Use an Email Verifier

Verify Email

There are people that say that the entire world is being driven by social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, so email marketing is no longer effective and reliable. The truth is email marketing is still alive and it remains one of the powerful digital marketing tools. As you all know, email marketing … Read more

Preparing the Basic Ingredient of the Delicious Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite a widely circulating opinion that social media is the king of the contemporary digital communication, the statistics keeps showing that just email outperforms any other communication channel exponentially. Since the average email open rate comes to 30%, the visibility of the content delivered by emails performs much better in comparison with Facebook and Twitter, … Read more

How to Design Email Signatures to Lead More Traffic to Your Website

Design Email Signatures

When talking about marketing channels, we often forget emails that we sent on a daily basis. I don’t mean newsletters or the promotional ones. I mean the usual person-to-person communication via email. A personal email has a powerful marketing potential. If it has a call to action, it can increase your brand awareness, convert your … Read more