T-Shirt Printing: A Profitable, Easy to Manage Business

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T-shirts have become one of the most common clothing worn today.

People of all ages can be spotted wearing a T-shirt, and it provides a whole new level of comfort and relief. The T-shirt can also be bought anywhere – from department stores to souvenir shops all over the world. People started wearing the T-shirt as an undergarment, but it started to be worn casually after movies which featured the clothing rocked the style of wearing only a white T-shirt partnered with jeans.

T-Shirt Printing

Since then, people have been wearing T-shirts of all colors and sizes. Entrepreneurs who have seen the success of the T-shirt capitalized on the clothing, and they decided to start selling a printed T-shirt to the public.

Creating a T-shirt is simple, and establishing a T-shirt printing business could be a profitable source of income. There are many ways to print on T-shirts, including screen printing, DTG printing, DTF printing, and vinyl cutting. The style usually depends on the store selling the T-shirt. One of the most common ways on how to print on a T-shirt would be the use of a silkscreen print. This technique is used for hundreds of years, and applying the same technique on the T-shirt creates a vivid print which could resist water and heat. The print from the silk screen can last for ages, and it is also cheap to maintain. Silkscreen can be found being sold in arts and crafts stores across the country.

The next thing that you need to buy would be textile paint, and it should be found in places where the silks screen is located. After you have collected the materials for printing from websites like Ecofreen, you should set up the silk screen and place the T-shirt underneath. Cover the T-shirt with the silkscreen, and start applying paint onto the surface evenly. Spread the paint using a flat surface, and try to cover all of the spaces that you wanted to fill. The silkscreen would be able to display the results that you wanted to see, and the finished product would look flawless and sweet. Capital funding for this type of business only costs a few dollars, and later on, the products you made can be sold for a generous amount, depending on the complexity of the design used.

The next T-shirt printing technique that is becoming more popular these days is printing with the heat transfer vinyl. The finished product would create a T-shirt that looks similar to professionally made commercial T-shirts, those which are being sold in malls and on the Internet. The pricing for this type of T-shirt can be higher than its silkscreen printed counterparts, and earning more money can be easier with this technique. Check out some of the local business supplies for heat transfer vinyl and heat presses to make great looking shirts.

This technique allows you to create T-shirts that have a complex design, which cannot be attained using the silkscreen. This technique would require you to purchase vinyl, and then creating a complex pattern that you wanted to transfer on the T-shirt. The pattern should be printed on the vinyl, and then the finished printed material should be placed on the T-shirt. The printed side must touch the cloth, and slowly, use an iron to transfer the pattern into the T-shirt. Heat applies enough power to remove the pattern from the source material, and it helps bond the pattern into the T-shirt.

Lastly would be printing T-shirts with the use of dye. This is one of the oldest techniques on how to color one’s garments, and it would work perfectly for plain white T-shirts. A hot tub of water filled with dye should be prepared, and there should be multiple tubs of dyes where the shirt will be dipped. The T-shirt should be folded in a specific way, and there are guides and tips online on how to fold it and the pattern that it will create. After folding the T-shirt, start dipping it into the tubs of hot dyes, and see how its color changes. Unfold the T-shirt after the dye dries out, and see the different patterns that can be spotted in the T-shirt. Similar to silkscreen printing, dye printing only requires minimum capital to start with, and one could earn a lot of money from these types of businesses.

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