Smart Tools for Blood Sugar Management

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Technology has revolutionized our lives in ways which we could not have imagined before. It has opened doors to new possibilities and better lifestyle. One of the areas in which technology has made a huge positive impact is in the health and medicine. Now there are ample tools and facilities to battle out any disease. This is the scenario with diabetes also. Monitoring the blood sugar levels is very important for diabetes. Well technology is here now to make it easier for you. Here is a list of some cool tools for blood sugar management.

Smart Tools for Blood Sugar Management

Smart phone Apps

We all know that smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. What make the smart phones even more are the thousands of different apps which makes our lives much easier. Not surprisingly, there are numerous good apps which are helpful to diabetes patients. Some of them are paid apps whereas many others are free. One of the most popular apps is the Glucose Buddy, which allows the users to record food, exercise, insulin levels and also obtains graphs and charts. Another useful app is On Track which enables you to input your data, add personal notes and export the data to your doctor. Apart from these, there are also several other useful apps such as Wavesense Diabetes Manager, Glooko Logbook, Meter Sync Cable etc.

Blood Glucose Meters

Blood glucose meters have been a great innovation for diabetes patients. This innovation has taken out much of the guesswork involved in glucose monitoring, enabling people with glucose to maintain tighter control. Even though blood sugar meters have been around for a while, they are undergoing more modifications resulting in exciting devices for the users. A new device in this category is the iBGStar from Sanofi, is a first of its kind device which turns an iPhone or iPod into a glucose meter by connecting it to a port.  It works independently also and lets the users to upload the results later on. It has many features including options to track and record readings, monitor carbohydrate and insulin intake as well as analyzing patterns. Another new device in this category is the Bayer Contour USB meter. As the name suggests, the device can be used as USB and can be plugged in to your computer. The device comes with software, by which you can track your blood sugar levels. These can be then easily printed out or can be send to your doctor.

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitors are devices which enable the user to monitor their glucose level with real time readings. This enables the user to take immediate measures if the glucose levels get too high or low. These devices consists of a thin sensor and a small transmitter that easily adhere to your skin and receiver which records your readings.  Two of the most popular devices in this category are Dexcom Seven Plus, which provide a new glucose reading every five minutes and Medtronic’s Guardian Real- Time CGM System which depicts trend arrows that let the user knowif the levels are rising or falling quickly.

Insulin Pumps

Insulin Pumps have evolved over the years from being bulky devices in the past to small and compact devices as today. Now insulin pumps with more and more features are being developed. The MiniMed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump from Medtronic is equipped with its own continuous glucose monitoring. It is an ideal device for people on insulin who want carry around only one device. Other devices include t:slim insulin pump from Tandem Diabetes Care, which only the size of a credit card and the One Touch Ping Duo from Animas, which consists of One Touch Ping Meter Remote and One Touch Ping Insulin Pump that communicate wirelessly with each other.

These are some of the coolest and exciting tools for blood sugar management. More innovate devices are being developed which will be available in the near future.

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