Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Energy costs have a huge impact on people’s pockets and the environment. Every year, a huge amount of energy is wasted unnecessarily. Preventing this from happening could save households hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. If every home became more energy efficient, this would also dramatically reduce the amount of fuel consumption currently required to provide energy for modern homes. These are some simple ways to make your home more energy efficient:

Energy Efficient

Install Blinds or Shades

Installing blinds or shades such as high quality zebra sheer shades has the potential to reduce your energy bill in a number of ways. When blinds and shades are closed, they prevent heat escaping from a room. They also insulate a room and prevent cold air from entering. Natural sunlight entering a room can also heat up a room without having to turn on a heating system during the day which once again reduces your energy bill.

Use Your Common Sense

Many people don’t realise how easy it is to save energy in the home. Generating hot or cold air inside a home requires fuel. Every time doors and windows are left open, this warm or cold air escapes. Making sure everyone in your home closes windows and doors is an obvious but important way to prevent the loss of energy in your home.

Only using cooling and heating systems when they are really needed is another smart way to reduce the amount of energy you and your family waste every year. However, it’s not always possible to do this. People may not be at home while these systems are turned on or forget to turn them off when they are not needed. Using timers and thermostats ensures that these devices turn on and off at specific times of the day.

Seal All Windows and Doors

Poorly sealed windows and doors are often the main cause of energy loss in a home. Make sure no air is able to pass through the windows and doors. If this does occur, you may need to seal around these features of your home. In more serious instances, you may need to replace your windows and doors altogether with more energy efficient alternatives. These include double and triple glazed solutions that keep a room insulated and prevent unnecessary energy losses.

Insulate Your Home Properly

Windows and doors are not the only features of a home where energy losses occur. The walls, attic and roof space of a home are also areas where this problem happens. In most cases, this issue arises because these features of a home are not insulated or not insulated properly. It’s vital to insulate all of these areas where there is a possibility of heat escaping during cold times of the year and cool air escaping during warmer times of the year when you are using air conditioning.

Making a home more energy efficient is not an impossible task. The steps above are some simple methods you can use to reduce the amount of energy used in your home each year. Taking this advice will reduce your impact on the environment and save you money in the long-run as well.

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