Simple Logo Design Tools that Beginners Can Use

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Logos will visually represent a business’ identity. Because of this, they play a huge role in the branding process. We are talking about a creative art that will make brands identifiable with ease. That means that design has to be articulated and the person that handles the process has to be professional and do everything with full creativity.

Successful designs have to fulfill goal sets. However, an enviable and truly unique iconic logo design needs to be really simple, enduring, adaptable, memorable and relevant. The best logo design is normally offered by the professionals. That is obvious. However, beginners need to start somewhere. We will stay focused on the some tools that you can easily take advantage of right now as a beginner logo designer.


There are many interesting logomakers that are available right now. You will find some that are affordable and some are free. You can easily use them in order to help facilitate editing, designing and even illustrating your logos. The programs will help you to easily choose some templates and get some logos for your business at really low prices. However, the problem is that your logos will not actually be 100% unique.

Adobe Illustrator

Most designers know that this is the most powerful of the vector graphics editors that are available. The support that is offered is tremendous for the professional and for the beginner. You can use this tool in order to create highly professional artworks and designs. The logos that would be created would be truly great and the only real problem is that the learning curve is quite high. If you do decide to buy Adobe Illustrator, it is vital that you know that you will be serious about the design work that you are about to do. This tool is practically only recommended for the professionals.

Laughing Bird

This is an interesting logo design tool that will assist the beginner in creating a truly iconic logo design in a really short period of time. The website that you have can instantly look better as you can include great sales page designs for your landing pages. Everything can be done in just a few minutes. You gain access to over 200 customizable templates, allowing you to quickly create professional logos in short periods of time. Various images are included in the suite and can be used.

Sothink Logo Maker

This is one of the fastest logo design tools for beginners. Even professionals used it from time to time. The newcomers appreciate the fact that they can use the simple version in order to not pay for the pro version. Many free logo templates and elements are currently available for those that are interested in using the maker. Effects can be added and many formats are available for exporting and importing.

Corel Draw

Corel Draw is practically the main competitor for Adobe Illustrator. It is a highly professional program that you have to consider if you want to be serious. However, we have the same problem as with Illustrator since the learning curve will be high. The large advantage is that you will be able to create something truly special, a logo that is 100% unique and that features all the elements that are needed for business success.

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