Protecting Your Interests In the Event of Accidents, Loss, or Trouble

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We’d all like to think that whenever there’s a case of accident, loss, or general trouble out in a civil society, the legal system will take care of you. But because the system isn’t perfect, and in fact, is currently inherently flawed, there’s a necessity to take care of your own interests against the grain of what might happen if you were otherwise left to the consequences of other’s opinions and actions.

Car Accident

So, to that end, always know how to protect yourself when it comes to dealing with things like car accidents, getting pulled over, slip and fall conditions and situations, when you can videotape the police, and how to deal with restraining orders. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Car Accident Procedures

When you get in a car accident, you may be in a little bit of shock, even if there aren’t any injuries that occur. So your head might not be operating exactly clearly. That’s why it’s important to go over a car accident checklist every once in awhile to remember what to do, and also keep a paper copy in your vehicle just in case you need to use it. It’s definitely in your interest to know the legal best way to protect yourself, especially because of potential financial consequences if you misstep somewhere.

Getting Pulled Over

When you get pulled over, it’s incredibly important that you know your rights. Especially if you haven’t done anything wrong, you need to know what to say, how to say it, and how to respond to the police in different situations. When you get pulled over, the police are not your friends. They have ways to manipulate you in order to get to an end result that they want, so to protect yourself, have a cheat sheet ready to talk through immediately.

Slip and Fall Issues

In places where there’s snow and ice during certain seasons, there are always going to be slip and fall injuries. And you want to be as careful as possible, obviously, where these conditions exist. But some ice under a layer of snow outside of a mall, for instance, will be invisible, and you can quickly turn into a victim. To protect your interests in this case, make sure to read up on slip and fall laws in your state so you know what steps to take.

Videotaping the Police

For the most part, you can always videotape the police. And in many cases, you should be videotaping the police to have an accurate recording of an occurrence. But, in your own interest, you should not be aggressive about it, and you should also know the laws about being on public grounds, and if they can confiscate your phone or not.

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are an unfortunate part of life, but before you threaten people with them, you should know what they mean in different places and under different circumstances. In order to protect yourself (and your family, in some cases), be sure to understand the fine print.

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