How to Make More Time to Spend with Your Family

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It’s a simple fact that most families agree that spending quality time together as a family helps create a happier family. Instead of neglecting each other your family should be doing what they can to get more time together. It can sometimes be a difficult task.

Once upon a time the mom stayed home and the dad went to work, abe all families gathered around the dinner together on a nightly basis. However, these days both mom and dad tend to work, and sometimes more than one job apiece. That on top of all the stuff kids are into these days, from sports to music, leaves much less time for everyone to get together.

Because you and your families lives are so busy it is even more important to make time to get together whenever you can. Here are some tips how.

Schedule a Regular Family Dinner

You probably don’t have time to sit down at the dinner table every single night with the entire crew, but it is important to at least attempt a family dinner one night a week. You could have it at home, or meet up with the rest of the family at a restaurant, whatever is convenient for your family members.

It could be a fun bonding experience to have your family make the meal together as well. Have one person prepare salad, and another prepare dessert, while someone sets the table.

Take a Yearly Family Vacation

Whether it’s during the summer, for spring break, or over the holiday season, make some fun vacation plans that include your entire family. Doing this once a year gives you a chance to travel together and experience new things. By having a family that travels your child will also learn more.

You can travel for fun or for education, or a little bit of both. Your vacation plans may also revolve around the ages of your children. What they thought was fun at seven may not be exciting for them at 17.

Have a Game Night

If you have an extra night a week, aside from dinner night (or maybe even on dinner night) schedule a family gaming night (or day). You can let someone new pick the game you’ll play each week.

Game week doesn’t just have to be playing board games. You could play video games together, do puzzles together, or even head outside and play some ball together.

Make sure you spend some time talking about each other’s lives while you have some family time together. Talk about grades, school, and interest. Discuss girls and boys, and relationships. You can even let your kids ask questions about your life as well ensuring they feel like they are an integral part of your family as well, since they are.

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