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Making gold was believed to be a supernatural way of attaining the colour by mixing human urine with different stuff. Reason? Well, since the colour of urine is yellow just like gold, so alchemists at one point believed that by mixing urine with other different stuff would make gold. However, results aren’t derived from assumptions and conjectures, but from proofs. Soon, their notion was proved wrong and they stopped experimenting something which the world believed was next to impossible. Nonetheless, the question still lingered- could it be possible to make gold!

Making Gold- Learning the tricks

On this earth, every animate and inanimate object, and every tangible and intangible matter is connected to each other in some way or the other. We live in a planet called earth and everything conjuring this planet is quite similar to the human body. Indeed, this is quite surprising and unbelievable, but it is true in every sense. However, exceptions always exist. Metals, such as, gold and bronze are present on this earth and they are equally present in the human body. Just like lava bleeds in red hue so the colour of blood running through human vein is also red. The only major different is that lava cannot be present in the human body since that can be seriously detrimental. Hence, the similarities that you observe in the colour of lava and blood of humans is inspiring but the elements present in both are starkly different.

The above explains why there is a huge difference between our urine and gold though each has the same colour. Thereby, one cannot make gold by blending urine with other earthly elements. There has to be some proven logic!

The Logic behind making Gold

The step-by-step process:

  • First, you start by combining magma with intense heat. Make sure that you follow the process under a big and hard stone. This will eventually lessen the intensity of the heat
  • Then, combine magma melted in soft heat with fruits that are rich in B vitamins along with water pumped out from under earth
  • This leads to the yellow colour derived above the soft heated stone. Along with this, the same amount of heat is fuelled to magma at a temperature of 3000 degrees under the stones
  • With the above stuff, blackish water is mixed to it, which finally aids in attaining gold
  • However, there is one more step left to it and that is you have to let the stuff cool down and only then gold is achieved

Today, a lot of experimental endeavours are taken to by deriving magma through heating stones from the volcanoes. The source of such volcanic stones is mostly from Iceland. You should know this that if gold is possessed by wrong hands, then it can unleash evil. Hence, one should be careful about possessing gold, considered highly auspicious, especially by the Hindus from India.

Thus, making gold is a sheer way of utilizing the resources that have already been provided on earth and through recycling, the ultimate result can only be improved.

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