KENT CamEye: The Vehicle Security System Made in India

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Car owners have many pain points, and traffic is merely just one of them. In today’s day and age, vehicle security is by far one of the biggest concerns for car owners. Crime is prevalent and safeguarding the security of everyone is of critical importance when on the road.

The concerns of car owners range from vehicle security to trusting the chauffeur with the kids and much more. In such situations and more, having a vehicle security system is highly essential from many perspectives. KENT – India’s household brand for RO Water Purifiers have launched KENT CamEye – a next-gen vehicle security system that ensures more than just safety of the car. It’s entirely Made in India and is a first-of-its-kind device in the world to come with features that make it highly useful in the country.


Let’s take a comprehensive look and know why KENT CamEye makes for a perfect vehicle security system.

Dual Cameras

KENT CamEye is equipped with a dual camera setup that records everything inside and outside the car.The device then uploads everything on secure cloud storage on a real-time basis. It has a time-lapse video recording feature that sends everything on the cloud, and the owner can then live stream it directly to their phone. The recorded videos are downloadable on the owner’s phone through the KENT CamEye app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, both cameras have night vision enabled and always record both audio and video, whether the car is in motion or parked.

Real-Time Alerts on Mobile

A vehicle security system is incomplete if it cannot provide real-time alerts on mobile phones to the car owner. KENT CamEye app makes it possible for the car owner to secure their car in many ways. Especially in a scenario when the car is chauffeur-driven or driven by a teenager.

The KENT CamEye app allows the car owner to make use of various alerts and keep their car secure. Alerts include – AC on, over speeding, noise, engine idle, geo-fencing and unknown driver alert.

The real-time alerts help reduce the misuse of the car. For instance, in a chauffeur-driven car it’s common to see drivers using the AC and dozing off in the car. It harms the car and also costs fuel. KENT CamEye app can alert the owner if the driver is using AC when the car is parked.

Similarly, alerts like over speeding can tell the owner if the car crosses a specific set speed limit. Geo-fencing is another excellent feature that alerts the owner when the car crosses a certain set perimeter. Other than that, there are alerts for:

  • Unknown Driver using Facial Recognition
  • Power Cable Removed
  • Blacking-out Camera
  • Reboot Attempt
  • Low Battery

2 Way Calling ring

If the driver is not picking up the phone or the owner suspects something is up – there’s a two-way calling system.KENT CamEye comes with a built-in mic and speaker system that allows easy communication. Only the user with the app can initiate the conversation.

The 2-way calling ring is helpful in many situations such as when the driver is driving rashly or smoking in the car. The owner can directly speak from the app into the KENT CamEye and talk to the driver.

Easy Route Playback

Staying in touch with the car is now possible on a more connected level. KENT CamEye makes it easier to view everything inside and outside of the car even when the owner is thousands of kilometers away. Right from the KENT CamEye app, the owner can use the route playback option and see where the car was and what was going on at any given time. There’s everything on display – ranging from the GPS, noise, speed, temperature and of course – people inside the car.

KENT CamEye: The Ultimate Vehicle Security System

KENT CamEye enables a host of real-time practical applications. A time when there are more dash cams and GPS trackers available – KENT CamEye gives both in one device and bundles it with features that are first-0f-their-kind.

As a vehicle security system, KENT CamEye is the ultimate choice for anyone concerned about their family, their car and themselves. The device will help prevent the misuse of the car and safeguard the interest of the family. It’s entirely Made in India and is available only on Amazon India.

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