What’s in and What’s Out: Interior Design Trends of 2017

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With 2017 already halfway over, this year’s trending interior design themes have finally settled in and kicked last year’s trends to the curb. There have been a lot of exciting changes this year, leaving you with plenty of fun redecorating options for you home.

Interior Design Trends

Decorating is always about personal preference, but if you feel that it is time to give your home a little makeover then check out this list of what is in and what is out for 2017.

OUT! All White Interiors

Finally! The days of all white and light gray interiors have come to an end. Sure, they work well for a neutral room, but could things get any more boring?

If you enjoy a little splash of color like the rest of us, then you’re in luck. Here are the colors trending in interior design this year.

IN! Dark Paints

Surprisingly, things have taken a 180 degree turn to dark and earthy colors. Specifically, the colors Black Flame, Deep Onyx, and and Back Magic are all the rage.

If painting your home black doesn’t sound appealing, then try something cozy and earthy in nature. Also making a comeback are chocolate browns and dark greens, which happen to be the perfect complement to natural wood and leather.

OUT! Copper

Now, this does not include real copper fixtures like a farmhouse sink. True copper home accessories have earned a timeless rank in interior design. Hang on to that forever by keeping a utility man handy, who will maintain it properly and ensure you never have to replace it.

Anything that is obviously fake, however, is now being considered tacky. The same goes for rose gold as well.

IN! Brass And Woven Textures

Subtle brass is taking copper’s place as the metal interwoven into this year’s designs. However, those looking to save money altogether can also opt for woven textures.

From wicker furniture to hanging baskets and interwoven backs on wooden chairs, you can’t go wrong with the value these objects bring into your home as well as their quaint yet comfortable look.

OUT! Generic Decorations

While we all like to add our own personal touch to the rooms in our home, there had been an increasing trend in using generically designed decorations. These include things like wall tattoos, abstract designs painted on a canvass, and filling a tabletop with knick knacks or candles just to fill space.

When did we even start decorating our homes with things that held no meaning to us?

IN! Unique Styles

Decorate your home with pictures of memorable times, paintings that speak to you, as well as your hobbies and passions. If you are going to purchase new decorations then pick out what you truly like, something that will show off your personal interests and character.

For instance, a photographer may choose to hang their own work while a movie lover might want to hand their favorite posters from the classics to the newest box office hits. Maybe you would rather have a fish tank instead of generic vases sitting on your table, go for it! Just make sure to look into protecting its longevity with the help of professionals, like these aquarium maintenance companies. It would be a shame to look at an empty aquarium just because you didn’t maintain it properly.

The 2017 Makeover

If your home could use a much needed makeover, then consider some these 2017 trends making their way onto the scene. Yesteryear’s boring, generic trends are finally on their way out. This year is all about creating a cozy home environment complete with the personal touches that let who you are shine through.

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