How to Keep Your Social Networking Account Safe

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How to keep your social networking account safe, this is most asked question on web by parents. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus these social networking websites already connected world and limits the long distance place. As far as it is the best technology in this century. As per survey today nearby 98% children has their own Facebook account and 64% of teenagers have Google plus account where famous personalities also have their account on twitter. So as per the result every person have their social networking account whether it is private or public in eyes of us. Every new innovation and ideas comes with their pros and cons both where we need to secure from cons.

Social Networking

Today most biggest problem is in the social networking website is that the fake account is easily created to exploit the users. So as per the solution we have to take one more step ahead to fight with fake users.

Safety precaution while creating accounts

The web is full of spams and scams so if you are not taking any correct decision while creating any social account. Be genuine but do not share any personal information like phone numbers and home address. For email address you can set privacy in your account as keep your email visible limited to friends only not to public. Your every single activity id recorded on web so keep aware about negative side effects also.

Safety needed while sharing any thing

While using you must understand the privacy of website, whether it is allowing to do restricted things or not. However various social networking website directly blocks you when you are publishing any kind of illegal things to friends. Never share any illegal things in your wall post because it will spread among your friends also. Your one share has power to spread it all over world.

Special privacy setting for teenagers

Today most of social networking websites set different kind of privacy and policy which restrict them for various dangerous activities to follow. But still users do wrong by putting their fake date of birth, so we need to sure of that our every single personal information can be harmful for us to share.

Hiding information from public view

You can hide your profile information visible to public or else you can make it visible under friend circle only. Specially this feature is made of female users and must have to be activated in females account. Social networking websites continuously developing such kind of security for their users so we need to keep eye at least one time.

Do not share any private information

Many times this happens that one anonymous user becomes your friends and after some time he or she ask your personal identities, this is a dangerous sign for you if you never meet him or her before. Most of cases already happen in real life so we have to keep awareness about do not sharing any sensitive information on websites.

Safety precious is must to take while sharing any single information on web. Internet and social network shows it both faces to users and this is depends upon you how you are using.

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