Running Rules: How to Burn Maximum Calories?

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Neither the broken sidewalks, no exhaust fumes, no walking on the same paths unfriendly dogs – nothing stops the fans running. And the first thing you’ll see in any fitness club – is orderly rows of tracks on which the marathoners with persistence prance beautiful ladies.


When Not Lose Weight from Running?

But looking at the same club in a month, you will notice that, despite the intensified training, forms are the same girls lovely as ever. Most of the ladies are still confident that the number of laps in the nearby park or a simulator is directly proportional to how quickly the girls will come running to the slim figure. This is true, but only partly. Of course, it’s hard to imagine a more effective way to burn fat is hated than running: one minute at a quiet pace you lose about 8.5 calories. The problem is that the more miles you have the background, the faster the body adjusts to the load. So after a while, it does not spend on routine work as much energy as the beginning.

In other words, you’re losing weight, but more and less. Besides, fans of monotone races often suffer pains in the joints, which, I agree, not very motivating for classes. This treacherous behavior of the cunning of the body often leads to going the distance, even the most enthusiastic. Not to join the ranks of the outsiders, turn imagination and speed. There is more effective workout than mindless winding kilometers. Will need to run three or four days a week, but not for hours – waiting until the body finally use up glycogen and buckles down to the fat – and for 20-30 minutes. Tempting, is not it? The main thing – is designed to take advantage of this time.

Alternating Loads – Burn Calories!

If you are not new to fitness, you probably already know about interval training, in which short bursts of violent activity interspersed with workshops in a quiet pace. Just in case, let us recall how they operate. While you’re puffing slowly jogging, power is generated by using the amount of oxygen that you breathe. But it is necessary to switch to a more intensive mode, as the spacey body begins to actively absorb O2 and produce energy at a wild pace. That is, in the first case, the body spends peacefully put the price list calories and thinks that it will continue forever. And in the second – the body’s stress, and to complete the task, he has to put pressure spontaneously and burn a lot more. It turns out that is not ran laid hour, you’re not out of fright just spent and incinerated a lot of calories.

In an explosive release of energy and the main advantage of interval training before monotonous. But that’s not all. After you have stopped (or fell from exhaustion), promoted the metabolism continues to burn calories while coasting. Studies in the United States, proved that women are running around 3 minutes jogging, and then 2 minutes in the intense pace, spend more during the day after a workout than lovers of measured training. Also, the group ” intervalschikov ” lost 4 % body fat in a week, while the runners calm as calm did not lose anything. It seems to be 4% from fat ( not the weight !) – It is a little, but believe me, it is enough to see the desired changes in the mirror.


Run for 15 seconds at a rapid pace, to be honest squeezing out everything – puffing, panting and cursing, then restore to 2.5 minutes jogging.

Repeat six to seven times.

Short repeats

Intense interval – 30 seconds, calm – 2.5 minutes. This time, run a little slower than in the previous example. You should not fall to the ground after acceleration: you need time to recover in 2.5 minutes jogging.

Repeat six to seven times.

Long repeats

Run a confident average pace of 400 meters ( the distance pedometer can help), and then 2 minutes to run a little slowly.

Total training time should be 20 minutes so that the number of repetitions depends on your abilities.

Running Without Straining Loosehead

It is proved that running with a light head, not burdened with sorrowful thoughts, stimulates the release of endorphins and can cause mild euphoria that continues after exercise, sometimes even a few days. Conversely, when you concentrate on the negative thoughts, the muscles involuntarily tighten, and muscle spasm is not the best helper in work.

Run Up and Lose More

Like many useful things, running up the hill tide of enthusiasm does not. But the exhausting climb the peak is one powerful advantage: for each degree, tilt burns to about 10% more calories. It turns out that by raising the treadmill at 5 degrees or anticipating the picturesque hill about this angle ( we believe in your good eye !), You spend 50% more than rushing headlong against a flat surface. No exaggeration, pure physics: after you move not only forward but also up. Also, more muscles rise activated.

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