Google PageRank Update – 6th December 2013

Google PageRank update made on 6th December 2013. This year Google Search were not updated their page rank four times as they do in last several years. Due to various new updates and events like Google’s 15th anniversary and update of Hummingbird Algorithm made the Page Rank update delay.

It was really an unexpected update made by Google because from last two times they were not updating it. People also started thinking that Google Page Rank is dead or their would be no more PageRank in future. But the rumors are dead now with recent update of Google PageRank.

Google PageRank Update in 2013

  1. 4th February 2013
  2. No update made
  3. No update made
  4. 6th December 2013

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Finally after a long time delay they have updated it. GetHow site’s rank was PR1 but now it’s promoted to PR2. Which means the contents of our website will get more quickly index and rank on top. With this update GetHow site is also become almost 1 Year old, it was started on 1st January 2013.

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4 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update – 6th December 2013”

  1. Hi,Atul,
    It is the most unexpected update about the page rank. Congratulations for writing about this update so fast.
    Thank You. 🙂

  2. I rally love this update,it makes me comfortable my blog form zero rank jump into page rank 2.Thanks to google update. and thanks also for this articles,,if i wasn’t read this article i doesn’t know about the google update yet..

    • God to see you Adrian here. Yes this time Google makes all of we bloggers shocked to update their page rank in an unpredicted day. Good Luck for your page rank updates and keep optimizing it.

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