Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm: Yet Another New Search Engine Technology

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In 27th September 2013, Google launches a new algorithm called ‘Hummingbird’ in the celebration of 15th anniversary of Google. This new update is about new system where hummingbird is targeting only those posts and titles which are longer just like a question. Now a day’s people are just writing big questions in search, this really needs a strong core base to show accurate results for that particular question. Hummingbird is new search engine technology which will solve out by targeting long tail keywords and lengthy search patterns.

Google Hummingbird

With this new update it is possible that many of websites will get a sudden drop and some of sudden up in Google search engine’s ranking, even some of them will see no change in their website rankings.

How to Optimize Yourself for Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm

Some rules are always helpful to win over the battle began by Google’s new hummingbird updates. Followings are some suggestions which will help you to increase your ranking while new strategy of filtering websites of hummingbird algorithm.

  • Target longer keywords and write up detail information on it.
  • Most specifically target questions which are asked on Google search and try to answer then in your posts.
  • Social presence is still needed alongside better page rank and domain authority.

To get most from Google search follow up above points and make sure that you never miss a single chance.

Benefit to Searchers

There are so many new devices are coming which are packed with Google voice search integration. Such technology is demanding this new update, because people are just bluffing out their queries. As we all know queries never of a few words, it may be a line and may be a few sentences.

With this update, people will able to get accurate results after they put their long queries on Google search.

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5 responses to “Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm: Yet Another New Search Engine Technology”

  1. Neeraj Mishra Avatar
    Neeraj Mishra

    This update was like a catastrophe for my blog. I have lost my 90% google search traffic. The hours i have spent in writing quality posts are now seems to be of no use.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      I welcome you for your comment.

      Google’s this new update called Hummingbird is now targeting only long tail keywords specially question type of formats. Like a person is writing his big question in Google search. So in order to get your lost traffic again target long tailed keywords which have low competition and write more on those most.

      I pray for you that you recover the lost traffic as soon as possible…

  2. Krishna Moorhty D Avatar

    I think Google is Going behind animals and Birds all the time 😛

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes Krishna, They are not getting ideas of names that’s why they are making use of such terms. LOL 🙂 But it really sounds good when we pronounce it.

  3. mehdi saravani Avatar

    It was very good content. Brief and useful.
    Mehdi Saravani

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