Global Trendsetters: How to Look Fashionable in the World of Social Media

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Today’s trends allow a lot of individuals to be more creative and stylish in the way they look. From every possible social class, people find ways to dress fashionably. Gender also doesn’t play a factor because both men and women are making the fashion rounds. Whether it’s a fashion catwalk in Milan or a cobblestone pathway in New Jersey, style is becoming a big thing for everybody.


Along with the trends of today, technology is also fast approaching and changing almost everything in the world as we know. Social Media Platforms enable people to share their styles with other individuals from other parts of the world. A fashionista in the Philippines can share her ideas to a snappy dresser in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This phenomenon is why there is always a rapid change in the fashion industry. The trends of today are surely the footnotes of tomorrow. Another interesting case is that particular styles from the past are slowly creeping their way into mainstream fashion.

The resurgence of some accessories such as wool scarfs is becoming more casual than ever. Another clear cut example is the wide leg pants style of the 1970’s. In the late 2000’s if a lady was seen wearing one, they automatically become atrocities. Nowadays, women who wear these pants are more of a trailblazer rather than an oddity.

Even with social media as a platform to showcase a lot of different styles, it’s still relatively easy to commit a fashion faux pas. And in this world where all eyes can focus on a single event or person, a post can be all that separates a person from being a fashion icon to a laughing stock. Here are some tips to stay genuine and be an icon.

Choosing a Style

Pick a style that will fit everything that has to do with you. An outfit should never get in the way of how you do things. Don’t fall for bold fashion statements that will make you look silly. If the stars are doing it, by all means, don’t. You are unique, and you have your style.

People will find a unique style more inspiring in the thought that temporary fads and trends don’t get to you that easily. Choose a style that you know will complement you well. Your personality, attitude, views, everything that has to do with you should account for what you wear.

Sticking to a Budget

If you ever think that spending an extra dollar or two on that accessory will improve your outfit, think again. In the world of fashion, sometimes less is more and more is less. Confused? Don’t be. The rule mentioned above only means that you don’t have to add more to look gorgeous. Stick to what your budget comfortably allows you.

Flaunt it

The reason you’re sprucing up every detail on your outfit is to let the world see your style. Even if others think that you’re outfit is silly, being confident about it speaks volumes if you want to rise above the others. Have a new item in your clothing collection? Show the world how you walk in style with your new accessory.

Once others notice you, then you’ll start a small following. Pretty soon, you’ll be running your fashion blog or a fashion retail store. Who knows?


Use the appropriate mediums. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are here to stay. Use their strengths and weaknesses to play towards your advantage. Another important matter when using these platforms is your “Followers.”

Whenever someone bashes you, keep smiling and move on. There’s truth to the saying “You can never please everyone.” Instead of seeing negativity as an insult, use it as inspiration to improve yourself. If you keep that positivity up, bashers and trolls will eventually rid themselves the pleasure of ridiculing you.


Parties should also be one of your targets if you want to look fashionable in social media. You’ll get nowhere if you keep wearing extravagant clothing during work hours. Work hard, party harder. That should be the battle cry of would-be fashionistas seeking to make a splash in the world of fashion.

And if it’s the type of party you’re worried about, don’t fret. Parties don’t have to be an exclusive event or a high profile rendezvous. The purpose of a party is to have fun and flaunt everything you want the world to see.

Whether it’s a small party in your friend’s house or an exclusive dance off in the Viper Room, just have fun. Lastly, before going to that ravishing party, remember to always stick to your budget.


Today’s technology and trends make it relatively easy for people to adjust and develop new themes. Connectivity with other people from all facets of life is what makes fashion such an “Enigmatic” topic. Styles and trends are always changing. The ways of the old are revitalized and are making a steady comeback in today’s fashion scene.

Along with the surge of people using a lot of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, a lot of individuals are now more capable of sharing their ideas and styles. Through this interaction of different people and ideas, new trends are born.

This article is written by Javier Olivo. He is a blogger and a writer by heart. He also boasts the fact that he is a stylist by profession. Javier started as an assistant for a tailor who made suits in the big apple. He is particularly interested in current fashion trends and loves to share his ideas with his readers. In his free time, Javier enjoys going to the beach with his faithful corgi, Ein.

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