How to Get Your Google AdSense Account Approved Quickly

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To run the website or a blog we need money, without money running a professional site seems like an impossible things. Google AdSense is one the best leading web advertising company where advertisers can buy web space for their ads and publishers can sell their empty place for ads to monetize their web property. As this service is itself by Google therefore their rules and regulations are tough enough to get approved for publishers.

Google AdSense

There are certain things which you can do to get quick approval from Google AdSense.

1. Make a Complete and Content Full Website

We all do big mistake here. We never have to apply for Google AdSense until and unless we have a complete ready or content full website or a blog. If you are still confused how much content you must have, then make an imaginable point that we must have at least 20 to 30 articles which are 100% genuine and full of quality.

Make sure of that you must have some long post about 800+ words, which will be helpful to Google AdSense team to crawl your website or blog for contents. They approve a publisher account only when they found some good contents.

2. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Most of we use big platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and all. These platforms are very good for managing a website or blog, but alongside content creation we need to establish a better navigation for our website. Good navigation makes a website easy to get crawled. If we do not have a proper navigation Google AdSense team could not crawl our web pages and disapprove the request. Thus easy navigation makes a website effective in all the manners.

We can use categories or tags as a menu and make use of them we can establish a navigation menu. Most of time breadcrumbs also do magic, if possible for us we need to establish a breadcrumb system in our website, which instruct bots how to crawl and index your every single web page.

3. Update Content Regularly and Publish More Contents

Blogging is about regular keeping yourself updated with new and interesting topics. Website is about to provide great and valuable news every time. Thus, your website or blog must be updated on a regular basis. If regular update is not possible then we must either go for guest posting opportunity or need to update blog weekly basis.

Publishing more contents means original or unique contents. It should not like this that you copy others content and publish it to your website or blog. This is highly done mistakes on blogging industry. Thus, keep yourself clean with new things and unique contents.

The benefit of having more numbers of content makes your request of Google AdSense positive in all aspects. Keep a note in mind that Google AdSense is not for illegal contents. If your blog is about nudity, alcoholic related and things which not suits for all audience then Google AdSense is not going to approve your publisher account’s request.

4. Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized

To get the flow of genuine and real traffic free of cost, we must optimize our website with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks. WordPress users can use the plugins like All in One SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast to make your website search engine optimized. Let the free search engine’s traffic come to your website.

If you have a good traffic with some content, then only AdSense make a point to approve you.

5. Create a Social Presence of Your Website

For a good engagement it is necessary that you have little traffic to your website or blog. Because there is no benefit of having a publisher account until and unless you have some traffic and traffic is gets created when you have users’ engagement on your website.

Make a facebook page for your website or blog, open up twitter account and be active on these and also other social services. Update the news with what is going on your website, what is getting published and what gets popularized. Make your friends come to your website and blog.

Today there are dozens of new social networking sites are out we need to use them also to some users and traffic for there. Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit, Stumble Upon and Four Square are some of the known and popular social sites.

AdSense team also watches the social presence of your website. Having good social presence makes your website easily to get approved from AdSense team. Because on the basis of social presence and reputation they able to see the scope of your website’s growth in future.

After following up all the above points we can say that on our experience you can easily and quickly get approved from Google AdSense and some money from your website or blog.

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2 responses to “How to Get Your Google AdSense Account Approved Quickly”

  1. Neha Dobriyal Avatar
    Neha Dobriyal

    Hello Atul I’m currently building a forum, I want to monetize it through Google Adsense, do they approve forums???

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes, Neha…

      Google AdSense approves forums and all stuff of question answer websites. All you need to build a minimum popularity so that you have some amount of traffic. I suggest you to first develop the forum and let it be filled with dozens of questions and answer first then apply to AdSense. I am sure that you will get approval in very first time…

      I hope your doubt is clear now…

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