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Dress designing is a wonderful profession and career. Popularised with terms such as glamour the fashion world has been viewed as a necessary evil. Unhealthy as coverings maybe they surely do not project one as a sex maniac. Spellbinding designs by people make fashion alluring. One may wonder of it has be a stop-gap arrangement to be termed as nine-days wonder or it is just style everyone carries.

Fashion Designer

Fashion is for the fat according to theories as being fat one would prefer to cover and is therefore an illness. Males make the best designers psychologically. Chemistry, botany and zoology are a compulsion to make boutiques and couture’s successful.

As one gains expertise in tailoring and female dress designing deploys a display space for us to choose. People are enthralled to the latest combinations of of dishabille. Amongst the best ones of these stores is abof. With headquarters in Mumbai and in tandem with Bangalore abof surely has lot to offer and teach to the masses how the gentry is to behave.

The biggest metropolitan in India thinks ahead of time and is the mastermind and the idol to look up to in the context of fashion. The trend, the show-stopper, the awe, and the whims they are all in One, Bombay!

What Abof is Famous for?

A well known one on Facebook with a totally online accessibility shortening time spells to save the same abof is approachable and accessible to the ordinary too round the clock and all the time. Fabric types include lot of cotton apparels, attires and garments. Lot for the scrubbiest, for the skinniest, for the anorexic who die of starvation and deserve some clothing as alms! Great hub for the sick! Not one to fit! Seemingly a biased place to wander as a different one has no space to be. Commendable as they empathise so much with those who make way to the anorexic men!

They design Skirts of different lengths and new shapes and cuts of materials are worth spending on as a necessity. Age groups are also kept in mind when abof designs. From layette to cravat and from those in Russia to India all globalising accessories it is awesome.

It is lovely to see matching emeralds designed as rings, bangles, bracelets, shoes, and hand bags, male wallets , bonnets, hats, chapels, floaters to help feel great to wear the wearable’s. Cosmetics are also sold in abundance. It has joint ventures as a retailer with Louis Philippe, van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, Pantaloons and People who outsource their stocks and collections as that save space and expenses of setting up a full fledged showroom. Discounts and offers in form of vouchers are provisioned off and on.

Payment methods are important to be kept in mind during shopping and are acquainted with ICICI modes along with Promo Code. The products are sent with care with perfect shipping facilities to reach the customers at their doorstep in time. Payment on delivery is also an option made available for convenience including last minute rejections.

Reliable and trustworthy as a brand name one can recommend as well as continue with abof as an option to fill their wardrobes for numerous collections. Nothing of these kinds go waste. An anytime investment which does wonders during crisis.  Bulk orders are welcome too by the store.

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