Focus on Content and Links and Go Social : The Rules for SEO

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The recent developments in the world of search engine optimization have made it even more necessary for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts to turn up with more creative and unique ideas. If you’re the proud owner of a website or blog, then definitely the Penguin and Panda updates have moved you too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Aspects that Require Much of an SEO Expert’s Attention

SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your website successfully. For ultimate success, it’s important to follow the right strategies. The route to success goes through three important segments – content, links and social media. All the three segments are interconnected somehow and by successfully managing all of them, you can easily achieve the top spot in search in results. This is actually the basic rule to follow for SEO in 2013.

Content, Media and Links are 3 Most Important Pillars of SEO

Wondering why only content, social media and link building are getting all the attention? Well, definitely there are proper reasons behind this adoration. Go through the following discussion to realize how these factors are considered to be the most imperative parts of successful search engine optimization.

1. The Role Content Plays

Content and information are all what people look for in a website. The algorithm update Penguin has made it more important to take care of the genuineness of every content published on any website. As a consequence, websites with duplicate and irrelevant contents can’t survive for long. Apart from the authenticity, you need suitable keywords, better optimization and regular up-gradations to fortify the content of your website. You also need to learn about the probable keywords that your targeted audience use for the search. Of course you need to do enough research to come up with the right keyword. You may use the Keyword Tool by Google for the research.

2. Links are Vital too

You need proper inbound links to send the right signal to Google. Link your website with other websites and blogs with relevant and good information. Try to get more and more valuable links as this will only increase the visibility of your website. Link building is essential as this may help your web pages to rank higher in search engines. So, with better links you can expect your website to get optimized well.

3. Social Media : Another Influential Section

Social media has really changed the way SEO experts were used to act. Social media directly impacts the way you optimize your website. Through social media you get to connect with more and more people. You only need to interact with the right set of audience to build the image of your brand. Your social presence must be strong enough for people to notice. Share current news and contents related to your brand with your audience. The best part is, it won’t take much time for you to connect and share with the people who matter to your business. Get help of social bookmarking to promote your website well. You can actually do lots more to optimize your website through social media. All you need to do is to follow the right techniques.

Perhaps the discussion has made it clear how and why content, social media and links are considered to be three most important aspects for successful SEO. So, take care of these three aspects well and let the ranking of your website soar in 2013.

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  1. Dennis Avatar

    Wow good information for seo thanks guys

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Dennis, I hope you really enjoyed the post.

  2. mayank Avatar

    Thanks Atul for this post about seo.It will help us little bit in seo bcoz recently google has released penguin 2.0 from there zoo.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hello Mayank, Google has a big zoo where these animals are coming. But ensure a thing that Google is completely working for us. If we have valuable thing then we are on top otherwise no place in hell also. Thanks for your precious comments.

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