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Indian kurti is an epitome of grace and style. Not only it makes you look beautiful but also accentuates the curves of a women’s body. Even Bollywood is redefining its fashion statement with Indian designer kurtis. These days you can spot most of the Bollywood stars spotted wearing long kurtis at the red carpet ceremony.

Over the decades, apparel trends have undergone major transformations. Emergence of modern designer kurtis has given a new dimension to a women’s wardrobe. The kurtis, as we are seeing it now, is a classier and stylish reformation of a traditional salwar. A kurti is almost similar to a lengthy shirt that falls between the waistline and knees. It can be worn at any time of the year for its comfortable wear, yet stylish looks.

Different Type of Kurtis

Kurtis are available in a huge variety of styles. While shorter kurtis make a great wear with jeans, a slightly longer kurti can be paired nicely with a loosely fitted Patiala or contrasting colored leggings. Commonly, light fabrics like chiffon, georgette, muslin, hand-woven silks and cotton are used for kurtis.

These types of fabrics are great for daily and casual wear. However, you can also buy designer kurtis than can be worn for formal occasions. These types of designer kurtis are made of velvet, satin, organza and are heavily embellished.

This perfect blend of colors, fabric quality and embellishments make them apt for every type of festivals and occasions.

How Kurtis Became a Style Statement?

With the recent trend alert and fashion revolution in India, every online site now offers style suggestions. Kurtis came into fashion when Bollywood divas started wearing them in different styles. Recently, fashion most of the fashion runaways have showcased different styles and wearing techniques of kurtis.

How to Buy Kurtis Online?

Needless to say with the growing popularity of designer kurtis, a lot of online sites may give you bad quality. You must browse through online party wear kurtis, before purchasing it for a particular occasion. It is suggested that you must buy it from a reputed online store, where you can check the customers’ feedback. Zoom in to check the quality of the picture of the material.

Moreover, you must analyze for which occasion you are buying. Vibrant colors and embellished borders are good fit for parties. You can mix and match the color of the churnis and get a very trendy look. Heavy embroidery kurtis make a good fit for traditional functions, family get together and weddings.

Experimenting with the Color and Work

Gone are the days when a young girl would have been worn a dress for attending a party. Since, movie industry influences a major part of Indian fashion; most of the young girls are seen buying kurtis online.

However, you must be careful while choosing a color. Vibrant colors like pink, yellow, blue, purples are selected the most. The most preferred colors are deep purple, deep blue with golden border, bright fuchsia pink with fluorescent green prints and plain white.

Additionally, digital and funny prints have given a new edge to kurtis. Digital prints have moved from just floral prints to product prints and color splash. Some examples that look chic are patterned owl, lipstick, strips, funny prints etc. wear this kind of prints and you will make most heads turn, effortlessly.

Selecting the Churni

Old mundane lengths of churnis are boring. Bring a little zing to your wardrobe. Make patterned churnis. When you are going for plain colors, wear opposite color churni. The opposite combination instantly uplifts your personality.

Online is the best place to buy kurtis. You don’t have to go round and round to get the exact kind of look. You can be at your home and getting your look delivered at your doorstep.

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