Five Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

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Everyone has a dream job of some kind. While some people dream of running their own business others dream of working for certain companies. Maybe you what a career with a prestigious law firm, or maybe you want a job helping the homeless in your area.

Whatever your dream job is you need to do some things if you want to get it. This isn’t just about schooling or experience, although those things can be important when it comes to getting a job. This is also about what you are presenting those potential employers with.

Get Out of Debt

Before you even start looking for work you need to get your debts cleared up. You might not think that bad credit would mess with you getting a job, but it can and it will. In fact, if the job you’re looking to get has you working with money it’s pretty likely they’ll do a credit check on you.

You may want that job so you can make money and pay off your debts, but they will see you as a risk for theft. Instead of letting that happen, pay off credit cards, deal with your school debt, and have a clean cash record when you start looking for that career.

Fix Your Resume

When was the last time you updated your resume, or even looked at it? Your resume says a lot about you to potential employers. Make sure that it is properly edited, easy to read, and highlights your best assets as a potential employee.

Perfect Your Cover Letter

Your resume does not work alone in getting you hired, you also need a well-written cover letter. Take a little time to do some online research on how to write cover letters for the type of jobs you’re applying to. You might even find some templates to follow.

Practice Interviews

There are numerous startups hiring for engineers, and they get their entry by interviews. Thus practicing interviews would be beneficial. There is actually a lot that goes into acing a job interview. Part of it will depend on the type of interview you’re getting. Group interviews definitely have a different dynamic than one-on-one interviews. If you have a second, or even third, interview with other people in the company you also want to make sure you continue putting your best foot forward but aren’t giving each person the same info verbatim.

It can really help to practice your interview with a friend or family member. Find common interview questions online for them to ask you.

Get a Power Suit

You always want to dress well for a job interview. They say to dress one step up from the job you want, but even interviewing for factory work requires a professional and polished outfit. You’ll have a better chance of getting hired in a suit than in jeans and a t-shirt. Pick something that makes you feel both comfortable and confident.

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