6 Elements That May Be Making Your Home Ugly

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When you think of an ugly home, what do you imagine. Do the 1970s come to mind? Compared to present-day standards, the enormous use of browns and yellows and reds would be considered horrendous; and yet, some of these elements are still in use today! Not that every design element from the time period is awful, but the combination of some are just too outdated and can make your home appear ugly. Here are some things to take a closer look at to help beautify your home.


Color Scheme

Bold colors on your walls may speak to your tastes, but are they lending to your home’s beauty, or are they detracting from it? Neutral colors are more pleasing to the eye. Even though it is your home and you have to live there, your friends may struggle to come over for game night. Pick a color scheme and implement it in the majority of your rooms; repaint the entire house if you have to. By doing this, you can make your entire house seem larger than it actually is.


If your furniture matches your walls, then you might want to change them out. Complementing the two is not a bad concept, but having bold walls with bold furniture may be too much. They can blend together, making the room appear smaller than it actually is. Use a slightly contrasting shade on your furniture, either lighter or darker, to improve the beauty of your home.

Also, the arrangement of your furniture may be hurting the appearance of your home. By placing the pieces in a U-shape, you can create an air of intimacy, making your friends feel closer to you. An H-shape allows for conversations to go back and forth; everyone is facing each other. Just don’t push your furniture too far back. You actually make the room appear smaller by doing this. Arrange your furniture closer in.


Floral designs against a yellow background are definitely ugly. If used correctly, wallpaper can add a touch of beauty not afforded by painting alone. Find simple patterns against lighter or subdued backgrounds to truly be effective. Muted tones can look good in a home but, like painting, should be done right. Neutral colors are safest, however.


Too many colors or too busy of a design in your carpets and rugs can hurt the eyes. Go for a simple color in your carpets and a design in your rug that compliments the colors you have in the room but is not an eyesore. Also think of textures and materials. Does shag carpeting go with a modern-themed room? Probably not, and that is one of the things that is hurting your home.

If you have hardwood flooring and you place a rug in the room, make sure it is large enough to cover the entire area that contains furniture. In a living room, all of the chairs, the couch, the coffee table, and any side tables should all be resting on the rug.


Simple can be ugly. Lighter cabinets can appear basic. Try changing out your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to spruce up the life in your house. You can stain existing cabinets a different color but the detailing on new cabinets are far more interesting. Moulding around the cabinets can create character to these rooms; darker tones can do the same.

Natural color wood is not as effective as a darker wood or mahogany. Depending on the colors you’ve chosen for the walls or in your wallpaper, try and complement that in your cabinets as you would the furniture in your living room. It can add flavor to the kitchen or a comfortable feel to your bathroom.


And while you are in the bathroom and kitchen, why not take a look at your fixtures. What are they saying about your home. Are they too plain compared to the rest of your bathroom decor? Is your kitchen faucet overly elaborate next to the new cabinets you just put in?

If you are going for a theme throughout the whole house, match the right style of faucets to your decor but also match them between rooms. Silver fixtures in one bathroom would seem out of place if another was bronze. If you are individualizing each room, then just make sure to replace faucets and knobs with ones that make sense.

Light fixtures need to be treated the same way. If you have a lavish light fixture in a subdued room, it will stand out. And not in a good way. If you have color in the trimming of your furniture, then finding a fixture that is the same color will not only appear natural to the eye, it will add to the beauty of the room.

Too pedestrian of a fixture can detract from the overall feel of the room as well. If your decor is a little more elaborate, then you should find a fixture with just as much intricacy and detail.

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