How to Convert Your Yard Into a Garden

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Gardening is great for so many reasons. You don’t just get to feel the accomplishment of growing your own food when it’s time to harvest and eat, but you also get to save money and give back to nature. Your garden can be a great, and educational experience.

Make gardening a family thing in your household. Bond while planting, cultivating, and sowing the fruits of your gardening labor. If you grow too much, donate it to local food pantries, or simple share with your friends. You’ll save yourself money, and help other people save money on a grocery bill or two.

Raised Beds

If you don’t think that you have enough space in your yard for a garden, putting in raised beds can help with the illusion you have garden and space to walk through your yard as well. Raised beds make it so that you can leave pathways through your yard, and make it so you don’t have to walk through the garden to get the rewards when it’s time to harvest. They also make it so it’s more possible to move your garden if need be.


If you’re not worried about moving your garden at some point, and you just want to till up a portion of your yard for a larger garden, you can do that too. This is only idea for people that own their homes or property. You wouldn’t want to do this if you were a renter.

The bonus of gardening this way is that you can have a larger garden in one spot in your lawn, but you’re going to have to stroll through the dirt when it comes time to pick ripe vegetables. And you’ll be bending over much farther than you would with the raised beds.

Container Gardening

If you’re a renter, or you simply don’t have a yard to garden in, you still have an option. You could start your own container garden. You can grow virtually anything in the right size and depth of pot or container. You can even get creative, like using recycled containers from your home.

The basic thing to remember when it comes to this type of gardening is that you want to make sure if you’re growing a root vegetable the pot is deep enough for them to grow, and not be stunted. You also want to make sure your porch space gets enough sunlight so your food can grow and thrive.

If you have kids, teaching them to garden with you will give them an excellent life skill that will help them save money in the future as well. Plus, your own home grown foods always taste better than store bought stuff.

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