Complete Guide to Women’s Handbags

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Whether you call it a purse, pocketbook, bag, or handbags are more than just a way to carry around your stuff. They are an extension of your own personal style. Different handbags are suited to different outfits and occasions and there are many types and styles to choose from. When choosing a new handbag you should consider the outfits the bag can be worn with, the occasions you can take the bag to, how the bag suits your unique body type, and the overall style and functionality of the accessory. Below are descriptions of the main types of bags and how each one can best be used to enhance your style and overall nice appearance.


A clutch is the perfect choice of handbag for any formal occasion. The clutch style handbag is typically rectangular, always small, and meant to be held in your hand. Clutches rarely have straps. This style works well for women with any body type and can come in sleek, plain styles or very ornate beaded or sequined designs. Clutch handbags are not meant for storing a lot of stuff. At most you can carry makeup compact and lipstick, your mobile phone, identification card and money in a clutch.

Doctor’s Satchel

Doctor’s satchel style bags are horizontally elongated. highly structured bags. This style typically has a shorter strap, meant to be carried in the hand or on the elbow, but sometimes fitting snugly under the arm. recommends a doctor’s satchel style bag as the best option to flatter a curvy figure. This type of bag is typically sturdy and will sit flat when placed on a table, chair, or floor. A leather version of this classic bag goes well with business attire.

Bucket Purse

Bucket purses are vertically elongated. This style is a good choice for shorter women as it helps elongate their appearance. The style is also good for curvy body types. The bucket bag is somewhat casual, but can be worn with work attire if it is in a classic material like rich supple leather.


Cross-body bags are very popular. These bags can be found in both structured and unstructured designs and have long straps that are meant to be worn from shoulder to hip, crossing the bag over the body. This style is perfect for women with fewer curves and longer torsos as the style helps to create curves and draw visual lines across the figure, helping to create a desirable hourglass figure, explains The Chic Fashionista.

Hobo Bags and Totes

The hobo bag is a widely popular, fun, casual bag that harkens back to the days of a stick and bundle carrier, explains Ebay’s Hobo Bag Buying Guide. The style has a crescent shape with a curved top and rounded bottom. Hobo bags have one long strap that allows the bag to be worn either on the shoulder, or across the body. This casual bag is usual made on the medium to large side and works well for taller figures. Buying a hobo bag online in India is a great way to get a stylish bag for your busy lifestyle at a price that will let you keep some of your money to put in your new bag. Most hobo bags has one large pocket and a few smaller pockets along with a snap or zipper closure that allow for secure storage of the things you need every day. Hobo bags come in both cloth and leather versions.

Messenger Bags and Totes

Messenger bags and totes are large casual bags. These personal styles are a great choice if you are constantly out about town running errands. Messenger bags have long straps that allow the bag to hang to the hip and can be worn like a cross-body bag. Tots can have either a square or rectangular shape with medium length or short straps. Totes can either be held by hand, on the arm, or on the shoulder depending on the strap length. Messenger bags often have several pockets and a flap closure while totes often do not have any pockets and no closure mechanism.

There are several handbag options available for women. Bags range from the casual bags that are well suited to running errands to ornate, formal bags that make the perfect accessory to a cocktail dress or evening gown. The occasion is not the only factor that determines which bag a woman should choose. You should also consider your body type and which bag will best suit your figure. Online shopping at sites like Guava allow you to view all of your options in one convenient place and make selections that will work best for your needs and figure. The right bag can really complete an outfit, all while providing a convenient, stylish way to carry what you need.

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