What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Setting in Camera

HDR Image

While shooting videos and capturing photographs sometime might be you stuck with the HDR setting in your camera or smartphone which has camera inbuilt. In simple term HDR is an acronym of High Dynamic Range, which allows camera to capture every detail. Images and videos captured with the help of HDR on result in awesome … Read more

How to Get Maximum Download Speed on Internet

Downloading files over internet is so much time consuming process if you have a slower internet connection. No one like to use slower internet connection at their home and workplace. Generally people opt for 2 Mbps plans from their local internet service provider. But really user gets 100% satisfaction out of 2 Mbps plan. Most … Read more

How to Water Your Home Plants in Absence

We all like to plant various variety of plants in our home and love planting, watering them and seeing them growing regular. But if you need to go outside to your city or town for some days for any urgent reason then who will water your precious plants. Do you really depend upon your neighbors, sure not in any … Read more

How to Find Out Information About Someone

Finding out information about someone sounds like to be interesting, finding information about people about where they live, where they work and what they like. Question is that how can we find information about people because we are not cops and not doing any kind of investigation of people, so how it could be possible … Read more

How to Download YouTube Videos without Software

YouTube is most prominent and successful entertainment website for video sharing, we all like to watch and share videos online and YouTube help us to get steam all the videos live. Still they don’t provide facility of downloading videos online for which people opt for various software application which is not much handy some times. … Read more

How to Keep Your Social Networking Account Safe

How to keep your social networking account safe, this is most asked question on web by parents. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus these social networking websites already connected world and limits the long distance place. As far as it is the best technology in this century. As per survey today nearby 98% children has their … Read more

How to View Website in Mobile Layout on Computer

Mobile View

Every website is packed with various features like better looks and mobile layout vie support but really your website has capability to render computer layout as well as mobile layout in same time. This sounds good in terms of thinking it but it is really important for every website owner to modify their website for … Read more

How to Increase Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

Battery Status

Batteries always were our friend when there is now power with us either at home or outside. Ensuring that maximum people are using Lithium ion batteries for their gadgets, people need maximum usages from the battery. So how to increase the life of Lithium ion batteries which can increase your gadget’s life for some more … Read more