How to Enhance the Basic Security of WordPress?

Secure WordPress Blog

WordPress is most likable blogging platform for users who like to blog. But every blogging platform has some issues. WordPress blog also have little issues of security. However the software of WordPress designed in such a manner that no one can break the security, but still hacker give a try and never leave a chance … Read more

Offline Methods of Promoting Your Blog

Offline Promotion

A blog is an online method of spreading information and it lives on internet online. All the jobs like broadcasting information and promoting it also done online where we choose banner advertisements, email marketing, generating subscriber and promoting your blog on another blogs. We all do everything online and really there is a need of … Read more

How to Generate Free Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is new social website which comes in popularity in very less time. Most people also bet that they have generated free traffic from Pinterest. This sounds like something different but yes, we can generate enormous traffic from Pinterest. Here we are going to explain how to generate some traffic from Pinterest social network site. Pinterest is primarily … Read more

How to Get Email Subscribers Free on Your Blog


Every newbie’s most common question is this, how to get tons of email subscribers free on my blog. So the answer is simple just put some efforts for building email subscribers list. Many bloggers and website owners get stuck with generating their subscribers because they do not give any big effort on it. Here we are going to … Read more

Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Social Sharing

Every blog based on WordPress needed the power of plugins and we need social sharing plugins to share the contents of WordPress blog. Here we are going to explain you best social sharing plugins for WordPress. In WordPress plugin store there are thousands of social share plugins but really are they looks great on your blog, maybe not. Try … Read more

How to Use the Mailto Syntax in HTML


The mailto syntax lets you create a hyperlink which redirects users to their default email software and applications on a single click. It works everywhere in web pages and supported my almost all browsers. Here user does not have to specify the email id of receiver for this email. In language HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) you … Read more

Essential Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Plugins

If your blog is hosted on WordPress platform then chances are high that you use least handful plugins. Without confusing you so much we are going to explain you some best and essential plugins for your WordPress blog which will help you to handle your blog without any difficulty. There are so many plugin in WordPress directory in which every plugin is not handy … Read more