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With hundreds of Forex brokers to choose from, finding the right Forex company for you can be a more difficult task than you think, and a time-consuming challenge, so AvaTrade is the perfect solution for you.

Advantages of AvaTrade


Open an account

Opening an account and depositing with a currency trading company is something that you should take very seriously. You put part of your capital in the hands of a company, and in return, you should expect them to provide the tools you need. The more money you deposit as a percentage of your net liquid wealth, the greater the need for caution. You should also expect to keep your deposit (and your earnings) in a safe place and to be sure that you will be able to make a quick withdrawal, which is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Luxurious matters with the trading company

After dealing with the essentials, our forex brokers assess how each broker measures in terms of the range of assets offered for trading, the maximum leverage offered to traders, the available spread and commission models (such as fixed versus floating), and the choice of trading platforms.

Finally, we may consider “extras” that are a relatively unimportant part of any broker’s offer, such as educational materials, bonuses, and promotions, and this is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Trading conditions

A good Forex company should provide consistently good liquidity and smooth execution, which are the main pillars of smooth trading conditions.

This is because trading is easier in such conditions, and losses from events like slippage are less likely.

Of course, liquidity can be shortened at certain times of the day, making spreads wider at a given time.

No broker can be expected to offer tight spreads before the major news release.

However, in general, entering and exiting trades should be easy, without any disruption or pause in the platform, which is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Cover the market

Perhaps the most important factor here is will you be able to trade whatever you want to trade? If you are only interested in the major forex pairs, it will be easy, but if you really want to trade indices of stocks and individual stocks, or to transfer less popular commodity offers, you will find that they are not offered by all brokers, although most of them offer some of them wrapped as contracts. For the differences.

There is nothing wrong with being diversified, but you should bear in mind that the cost of trading such relative scarcity tends to be higher than the cost of trading forex.

You may also consider opening accounts with two different brokers, as you may find that there is no one perfect solution but there may be two solutions, and this is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Affordability and accessibility

For various reasons, some Forex / CFD brokers will not allow residents or citizens of some countries (often, the USA) to open accounts.

This means that depending on where you live and your nationality, you may not be able to reach specific brokers.

With a good forex company, it should have potential costs as well. This means that you can meet the minimum deposit, although there are many brokers that only require a minimum deposit of $ 10 and, in some cases, do not require a minimum deposit at all, which is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Trading platforms

If nothing really differentiates your chosen brokers, and someone has a better trading platform or offers some better secondary conditions somewhere, why not let that break the tie?

Remember, it is easier to get used to a trading platform that you didn’t like at first than it is to get used to a broker who will give you a bad public deal. Unfortunately, many new traders stop at small things like trading platforms and bonuses, which are relatively not important, and this is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Mobile trading applications

Almost every trading company offers its own mobile trading app. This can be useful if you intend to trade with a handheld device.

Most traders will likely find themselves inspecting deals while they are away from their desks, so you may want to download the broker’s mobile trading application and see how much you like using it with a demo account when you are going to decide which broker to open a real money account with, and this is what you will find. At AvaTrade.

Deposit and withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals are not usually a cause for concern, except in a few rare cases. A broker who will not quickly send you the funds you requested in your account raises a big risk sign and should be avoided at all costs. Money is deposited quickly almost everywhere for obvious reasons.

Occasionally, you may want to use a payment method that the broker will not accept for some reason. You will have to find another payment method or another broker that accepts your preferred method of payment in such a case, and this is what you will find at AvaTrade.

Customer support

This is a relatively simple consideration because the vast majority of individual Forex / CFD traders will never need to use customer support.

However, in the event of a problem or emergency situation, you’ll want to know that at least there is a fairly qualified customer support team ready and able to assist you. It might be a good idea to contact them if you have any questions about your demo account, just to test how good your potential broker is in this section, and that’s what you will find at AvaTrade.

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