Why Knowing Multiple Languages is Valuable

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It seems to be common enough knowledge that being fluent in more than one language is beneficial to a person career wise, and in several other ways as well. This common belief is drilled into any education system and students are required to take at least 2-3 years of a foreign language in high school. This doesn’t count the requirements put on students in college.

While it’s beneficial to the individual to know another language when they’re traveling abroad, or trying to take care of some personal business over the phone with a representative of a company in China, India or Mexico, the value knowing multiple languages stretches far beyond this.

Here are some reasons you should learn multiple languages.

You’ll Be Smarter For It

It is proven that being bilingual makes you more intelligent. Studies have shown that the brain’s cognitive skills are sharper in individuals who know multiple languages, even in areas not related to the language center. Studies also show that those who are bilingual show less signs of dementia as they age.

Your Career Opportunities Will Increase

You’ve been told in school that being bilingual will help you find a better job, and it’s absolutely true. With world communications increasing every day, the need for people who can communicate over a broad spectrum also rises.

If you dedicate your time to learning 2 or more languages, your value as a human commodity shoot through the roof. The more you know, the more people will be willing to pay you. The more you know, the more traveling you will get to do. The more you know, the better the opportunities will be that are placed in front of you.

If higher pay, the feeling of being desired, and the opportunity to travel the world don’t speak to you, maybe this will.

You Can Help People

Perhaps you’re not the kind of person that wants to be sought out and praised for your language abilities. That’s fine. If being smarter and having a career that takes you to the top of the world isn’t part of your ultimate desire in life, there’s another avenue for you. Knowing multiple languages will allow you to truly help people.

If you have no other motive, do it for those who need help. There are so many places in the world looking for people who know multiple languages, including sign language. These places, in fact, are desperate for help.

Think about the people in Africa who need medical attention, but have no way to communicate with the foreign doctors trying to help. In the same regard, think about natural disasters that leave thousands hurting. Medical professionals from all over the world move to help those in need, but they can’t do it without the people with the language skills to make it all possible.

In conclusion, language is the gift that keeps on giving. Find your motive for learning, and make the world a better place.

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  1. Joseph Thomson Avatar
    Joseph Thomson

    Ya I am agree with you, if someone wants to bright future in life then multiple language is very beneficial for them. In present time only knowledge of one language is not enough for the career specially if you want to career in abroad. I must say You have a good Blog and great content on your blog. Keep sharing your wisdom with us.