Which Door Knob Designs Give a Period Look and Feel

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It is always the small things that can easily get overlooked in home interior design, particularly if a period look and feel is desired. One of the first things that may be noticed when people enter your home is the door knobs, particularly if they don’t fit your theme. When designing your living space, the look of door furniture can totally transform your home.

Door Knob

If it’s a more period feel you are after, then the whole look of a room can be very quickly altered by changing the door knobs without breaking the bank. By using good quality reproduction knobs stores you can add that bit of elegance and authenticity to an otherwise bland room. It is also a good idea to remember to carry your theme through to the kitchen cabinets and the bathrooms, which will complete the real sense of period character you are after.

By paying attention to accessories and small additions you will really make that period look feel convincing, as well as giving your home a cozy and homely feel.

Door Knobs through History

The particular style of a door knob will tell you when that design was originally used. The first door knobs were generally made from wood and designed for use alone. Glass door knobs were popular from the 1820s to 1850s, with cut glass being particularly popular through until around 1910. Wooden door knobs continued to be popular throughout the Victorian era, as well as porcelain and china. Cast-iron was available from the mid-1800’s and in 1870 a new method for compression casting meant the Victorians could design the ever more elaborate pieces they desired. Door furniture was originally made by craftsmen and said a lot about the status of a period home.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

The type and style of door knob you choose should generally depend on which period you want to recreate; your budget and which room you’re decorating. Porcelain door knobs can create a more antique country feel and can add a functional yet simple period style to your home. They were extremely popular during the pre-war era, particularly in middle class homes and can generate a lovely sense of nostalgia. Also, polished wooden knobs will give a gentle period feel but will still fit in well with existing newer themes. Black iron door knobs will give your home a traditional feel and complement well other features you may have, whether reclaimed or genuine.

Brass is a popular period door knob and they are generally oval or round and can be decorated with either reeds or flowers. Decorated brass knobs tend to be the older version in terms of era, popular before the art deco movement. Antique style pewter and brass are great in a kitchen, particularly if paired with stripped wooden cabinet doors.

Examples of the door knobs mentioned above include those door knobs from World of Brass. They sell Victorian and Georgian brass, crystal glass, Delamain, brass back plates as well as black iron door knobs amongst their range.

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