What to Do With Your Car Now That You are Working from Home

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The current coronavirus pandemic changed the way in which we live and the way in which we work. As people are getting used to the numerous changes that appeared, there are unexpected things that have to be addressed.

One of them is what you do with the car when you are stuck working from home. Obviously, there is no need to have it around but this does not mean that it is useless. There are still things you can do with the vehicle. Fortunately, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can find many things that you can do.


However, for the recommendations we make below, we recommend that you get an extended car warranty. A great example of one is olive’s Toyota extended warranty. We make this recommendation because it offers extra insurance that you can take advantage of in the event that your car breaks down. Do not make the mistake of not paying your insurance policy simply because you are working from home.

Rent Out Your Car

While a large part of the current workforce moved home to do work, there are still people that do not have this luxury. You can help out and make some money in the process by renting your car to those that need it.

As a very simple example, think about ridesharing drivers. A great way to get a new job is to start ridesharing but you cannot do this if you do not have a car. People can easily go to work in the car that you own. You will get a commission or just a monthly payment.

Donate the Car

When you are 100% sure that you will not need your car for the foreseeable future, it does make sense that you want to get rid of it. The first instinct is naturally to sell the vehicle. You can definitely do that but it is not the only option to take into account. There are many situations in which people need a car but they cannot afford to buy one. You can help them out by donating the car. This can be done as a permanent move or you could just do it until the pandemic is out.

The one thing that you should remember about this is that you need to make this legit. It does not matter who you donate the car to. It is very important to have the proper paperwork in order or you might end up with big problems in the future.

Keep it in the Garage

You might not like this answer but it is one to take into account. You can always keep your car inside a garage because of the fact that cars do tend to last for years without you doing anything to them. If this is something that you decide to do, make sure that you do not renew your insurance or warranties. You will not really need them if you will not use the car. However, if you have even a small belief that you will need the vehicle, it is better to have at least insurance in place.

Another important thing to remember here is that you do want to check the car from time to time. This is because you never know when an emergency can happen. If this unwanted situation occurs, you want to be able to use the car.

Turn Your Car into a Business

When you have a larger vehicle, you can make it a part of your new business. While stores from all around the world close because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can open one on wheels. It is an option that few people consider.

As a very simple example, when you have a van, you can turn it into a fast food truck. Just make sure that you respect all health protocols required by law and you will surely end up with a profitable business in the times of COVID-19.

Obviously, there are many other things that you can do with the use of a car. But, those that were mentioned above will surely get you started. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will not miss out on a world of opportunities.

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