What Are the Skin Problems Commonly Faced in Modern Day?

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Everyone loses young looking and healthy skin as we age. Of course, it is a common problem everyone is facing. Skin loses the flexibility when the collagen content in the skin. Of course, it would automatically lose the dampness as glands such as the sebaceous would create the oil and less sebum for maintaining the texture in the skin.

Skin is the large organ in our body and for an average adult covers total area of 18 square feet. Our skin acts as a barrier for protecting the body from any kind of outside environment and prevents the loss of water, harmful bacteria and controls temperature.

Skin Problems

Skin reflects overall health condition of the body so it is necessary to maintain a good health condition to lead a happy life. In case of any problem in the body, symptoms could be seen in the layers of skin. In the aging process, our skin attains quite a different condition and reduces the youthful look. Some of the main cause of the skin problems is poor nourishment, hereditary qualities, exposure to sun, as well as consumption of liquor or smoking cigarette.

According to established dermatology clinics, many people suffer unnecessarily from skin issues for which effective treatment options are readily available. It is therefore always advisable to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner if you are experiencing skin issues which are affecting either your health or self esteem, which is common with conditions such as acne.

Causes for the Skin Problems

Dermatology is the pathophysiology of hair, skin, mucous membranes and nails. Dermatologists easily determine important reason behind the problem or infection in the skin.  Dermatologists are concerned with the diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. Dermatology is the study of normal working skin and other abnormal diseases that are normally associated with it. Nowadays dermatologists see a wide number of the patient from the newborn to elders who are suffering from the skin problems. Some of the condition that keeps on skin problems are inflame, clog, or irritation in the skin that causes the symptoms such as

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Allergies
  • Irritants

Normally, your genetic makeup, immune system problems, irritants, and allergies and many others could also cause the skin problems in much more way. Many skin problems like acne affects the appearance of skin so that your skin can also develop many kinds of cancers. Dermatologist would strengthen the patients with the right treatment that brings happiness in their smile. Many numbers of patients are diagnosed with advanced equipment and given the right treatment to improve the healthy nature of the skin.


Acne is the common skin conditions that affect oil glands in the body. Small holes in skin would stay connected with the oil gland under skin. Normally, these glands would make the substance in body called as the sebum. More than 80% at the age of 11 to 30 year old gets attested with the problem. It is necessary to get right way of treating the condition before it damages the skin too much. London Dermatology Centre brings you convenient solution for Acne scarring along with the severity of acne. Acne could be distressing for the patients that lead to the lack of self-confidence as well as depression.


Eczema is also called as the atopic dermatitis or long-term skin disease. Eczema symptoms normally occur in the dry and itchy skin, inside the elbows, rashes on face, hands and feet. There are no tests are available for diagnosing the eczema and the doctors normally rely on the symptoms of the patient.


Melanoma is a severe life-threatening skin cancer. Melanoma can be determined based on the ABCD’s of moles on your skin that are listed below

  • Asymmetry – Shape of pores in which a half does not match other
  • Border – edges are irregular or, blurred
  • Color – color is uneven includes brown, black or tan
  • Diameter – Change in increased size

So, always be ready for solutions in advance as skin problems may multiply quickly if not taken care in right time.

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