What Are the Exams to Take Up to Get into the Delhi University?

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In India, getting into a good college after your schooling is almost a question of life and death for many, mostly due to the crazy competition that everybody faces. If you go online to search the best college for your chosen course, you get a plethora of suggestions and answers, which make it even more difficult to choose.

Delhi University
Delhi University Students

However, there are some universities which have a legacy and are considered to be even elite, being every student’s dream university. One such university is, undoubtedly, the Delhi University (DU), which is ranked among the top 10 public educational institutions in India. This article will shed some light upon which exams/qualifying criteria are required for a student to get admitted to one of the many courses offered at the DU. Read on to find out the courses offered by the Delhi University and exams to take up to secure an admission here.

Courses Offered by the Delhi University

The DU offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses to prospective students every year. More than 77 prestigious colleges in and around Delhi are affiliated to DU, offering courses in Arts, Science and Engineering. The most popular DU programs are offered in the Humanities section. Every year, it is observed that the programs of BA (Hons) English or Political science are the most populist among the huge lists of courses.

Admissions Procedures – Merit List Based

For a majority of undergraduate courses, the basic eligibility criterion to apply at DU is to pass the Higher Secondary Examination (Class 12th) from Central Board of Secondary Education or any other recognized state boards. Presently, for a majority of undergraduate courses in the streams of arts and commerce, the eligibility criteria is set to be the marks scored in Class XII, where a cut off marking is decided based on the merit of the students. For some of the UG courses in the science stream, the admissions are determined by the merit of the scores in any three best subjects

Admissions Procedures – Entrance Exam Based

For about 9 UG and PG courses, the DU conducts computer-based entrance examinations as of now. These courses are mostly in the stream of engineering and science. In 2017, the DU tried proposed to conduct entrance exams for many other courses as well. However, this process was stalled by protests from students stressing on the difficulties of usage of computers to students from remote areas.

Would There Be Entrance Exams for All from 2019 Onwards?

In a recent newsbreak in December 2018, the DU admissions committee announced the possibility of conducting a common computer-based entrance test for all courses starting from the academic year 2019-2020. The committee is hopeful to introduce the tests in the coming academic year although the internal consensus has not been reach as yet among its members.

Now that you have detailed information about the preparation procedure to get into your dream university like DU, what are you waiting for? Sip a coffee and start working towards it!

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