What are the Benefits of Getting Microliter MPSS?

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Working with costly samples can be an extremely delicate process and you need to make sure to take all proper precautions to ensure that you do not end up losing these precious materials. As with any other research endeavor, these precautions can be limited by the equipment that your lab has available. If you do not have access to the best, you cannot hope to get the best results.

When it comes to using the autosampler, you want vials and caps that will keep your samples uncontaminated as they are transferred. This will help avoid any undesired effects of your testing and maintain the integrity of your results. If you hope to accomplish this, then you need to look at getting MicroLiter MPPS for your laboratory.

Working with the Best Equipment

MicroLiter MPSS offers laboratories the latest and greatest in autosampler vials and caps, giving researchers a feeling of safety and security, even when they work with the most volatile products. This helps to smooth the transition from your prep lab to the autosampler, securing the sample and ensuring testing integrity. If your needs call for it, you can also use MicroLiter MPSS products with auto sealing technology, which will keep the secure seal after the sample is transferred.

The Highest Quality

To ensure that researchers always get the best in their MicroLiter MPSS products, each vial and cap is handled with the end user in mind. When a delivery is made to your laboratory, you will even be offered a custom dispensary to help ensure that your vials are not contaminated in any way. From the time it is manufactured to the time it reaches your laboratory, the manufacturers at Wheaton do everything in their power to ensure you get a top-quality and contaminant free shipment.

Why Work With Wheaton?

Just as you have a commitment to preserve your costly lab samples; Wheaton has a company commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the scientific community. This commitment includes:

  • EHS Policy – Focused on the environment, health and science, Wheaton works to promote all three in everything that it does.
  • Code of Conduct – Every member of the Wheaton team values integrity and lives to be accountable for their actions. This is why when you speak with someone from Wheaton you get the individual attention you deserve.
  • Quality Policy – Rather than simply go for the bare minimum, Wheaton has a quality policy that looks to exceed expectations and industry requirements whenever possible.
  • Improvement Mindset – Wheaton is all about value and brings that out by consistently working to improve both its product offering and service.
  • Community Service – Finally, Wheaton donates both time and financial resources to continuous community service focused on helping humanity as a whole.

In the end, Wheaton believes it is these qualities that ensure their products remain at the top of the industry. With this in mind, they offer only the latest and best for lab use, and hope that every lab can make the discoveries they need. Among these products, Microliter MPSS makes a welcome addition to any laboratory.

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