Use jHiccup for Measuring Variation in Java Performance

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Meaning of jHiccup

There are some stalls and pauses associated with every Java runtime application. The main objective of jHiccup is to read out those stalls and pauses carefully. The jHiccup tool also captures the effect of Java virtual machine and hardware over the total response time. JHiccup allows performance engineers, system engineers and Java developers to analyze the response time closely. Java developers based in India can easily explain why there is delay in response time. Either it is because application code or reason underlies runtime platform.

JHiccup is completely transparent and compatible with all possible java programs. When you are working with jHiccup tool, you can observe the performance of any Java program and it can be improved accordingly. Now we can be sure why different programs have different response time and how can we control their final output.

Technical Working of jHiccup

JHiccup are the stalls created by platform that are visible to java developers and they are responsible for affecting any application thread running at the time of stalls. The performance of jHiccup can be represented graphically to check the real response time. If you understand the concept of pauses associated with underlying platform, it is possible for IT organizations to isolate delays and latency and other contributing components. If jHiccup records a normal value then it means application is running on safe platform and you don’t have to make changes in the measured level.

Most java developers working in India are using this tool and it’s working remarkable. Developer can avoid common pitfalls and performance of a Java program can be increased quickly. In case of any technical issue, problem can be solved immediately. If there is any delay in performance then jHiccup helps you in identifying these delays and final response time can be improved dramatically.

jHiccup FAQs

  • Is jHiccup compatible with all operating systems and Java virtual machines?

It would be great to know that jHiccup is non intrusive and it is compatible with almost all operating systems and Java virtual machines.

  • How jHiccup can be launched?

To use jHiccup, you have to certain changes in the code line. For example if your program was normally executed as – java <java args> Useful Program x-y-z. Now you have to add jHiccup java <java args> Useful Program x-y-z to launch jHiccup in your program. You have to extra cautious when making changes in the code line.

  • Is jHiccup is suitable for my application?

Yes, jHiccup is suitable for all application. It acts as a wrapper around other apps without making any changes in the code line.

  • Is it necessary to use excel to chart the output?

For initial version of jHiccup, excel spreadsheets were mandatory. With the improved version the log file can e imported directly with all analysis tool. jHiccup application tool is easily available on web. Download the application for getting more information about the tool. When you will check its working, you will be sure that how it is unique and different from other application tools. The application was written by Azul system and now it is available for public domain.

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