Why You Should Use a VPN for Torrenting

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Network privacy has been a growing concern as the Internet and the technology surrounding it started to improve and spread through to every aspect of our lives. VPN’s are used as a way to reduce this privacy risk, especially while working with torrents. But, can they really mask our tracks, and what are some of the main benefits of a VPN?

VPN for Torrenting

How Do Torrents Work?

Torrenting is a widespread file-sharing method using peer-to-peer (P2P) services. It’s used for downloading videos, books, games, etc. With peer-to-peer, every user becomes their own server, downloading and uploading files simultaneously and making them available for other users. With Utorrent download for Windows 10, you can take part in this process and gain access to a wide array of digital data.

Using torrents is not illegal by itself, however, it can be hard to distinguish between free and copyright protected files, which are forbidden for download. Furthermore, constant downloading/uploading reveals your IP address, that is traceable back to you.

The main risk is the uploading of files you are already downloading. Also, your internet service provider (ISP) can keep logs of your internet usage over the course of many years while monitoring your data. This is why VPN use is extremely important. It helps prevent being spied on while hiding your online tracks.

What Happens if You’re Caught?

The consequences of getting caught downloading protected content can be extremely severe. In many countries, including the U.S, ISP’s and the state’s government work together in an attempt to catch and fine people who distribute copyrighted material. Finding whoever is downloading a torrent is as simple as monitoring the torrented file and tracing back the IP addresses.

Even though the chances are slim, there is a possibility to get caught. In this case, ISP’s could penalize the user by throttling their internet speed or threaten to give away their personal details to the so-called ‘copyright trolls’.

Their main goal is to intimidate and threaten with court disputes in an attempt to get your money. These sums can range from a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Even though the probabilities of going to the court are close to none, it’s always to better to be safe than sorry.

Using a VPN for Protection

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN for short, allows the user to connect to the network through a secure, anonymous tunnel. Furthermore, these services are free of any type of monitoring, meaning that things such as your IP address are not captured or stored anywhere. VPN’s mask one’s internet activity and they make it seem like a user is from a completely different country than the one they are actually in.

How Do They work?

The IP address assigned to you by a VPN server is used for all internet activity, including torrenting. Any data returned from the wanted source has to go through a secure and private tunnel, giving you complete anonymity. With the military-grade encryption standards, you can be sure that no DNS leaks or tunnel interceptions by hackers will leave your IP address vulnerable.

Certain regions have much more strict copyright protection and data collection laws than the other ones. Many bigger countries such as Australia and the U.S allow internet activity to be monitored and have big punishments for those downloading copyrighted material.

With VPN’s, not even government identities can find out your real IP address, but will instead be met with the virtual IP from your VPN provider. Even your ISP won’t have a way to reveal your true address in case they are pressured.

Legality and Pricing

VPN’s are legal pretty much everywhere in the world, with the exception of a few countries. There are both free and paid services, and the IP address can be masked with just a single click. The best VPN providers have a zero log policy – meaning that there’s virtually no way for anyone to track the torrent download back to you.


Even when you’re sure that your actions are completely innocent and secure, it’s better to take some security precautions. Shared data that you think doesn’t require any necessary permissions or copyright legislation can quickly turn the other way around. VPN’s are the modern-day top-notch security service, and you should start using them.

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