Types of Brachial Plexus Injuries and Their Treatment Methods

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Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI) can be due to numerous reasons, regardless of reason that has caused the injury, it can be quite painful. Surgery of the nerves network is the best treatment option for this injury.

Brachial Plexus

The network of nerves that in a way act as communication highway between brain and body parts such as hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow is known as brachial plexus. This network comprises of two types of nerves. The motor nerves are functioned to carry messages from the brain to the body part. The second type of nerves is the sensory nerves and these are functioned to carry the signals from the body parts to the brain.

The functional importance of the brachial plexus is immense and therefore any type of injury to this nerve network can wreck havoc on the functioning of the body parts it is associated with. Generally, the injury of the nerves in this network is caused due to unbearable stress of the nerves. Some of the most widely known types of brachial plexus injuries and the type of treatment that is to be preferred in such cases are as follows.


The end where the nerves have got injured is also important in determining the severity of the injury; however, in case of rupture, the nerves get torn due to stress, but the damage is not at the end that is near to the spinal cord. Ruptures, if not excessively severe can even get better with time and rest. However, a doctor should be consulted for best advice.


This is one of the most severe injuries and in this case the nerves get separated from the spinal cord, causing loss of efficient communication between the brain and the body part. Immediate medical attention and brachial plexus surgery in Delhi is recommended in such cases.


This is a condition that results from the failed regeneration of the nerves. The injury of the brachial plexus network tries to heal itself and when the nerves fail to regenerate, it takes a form of small tumor. In such cases, the patient can either leave the tumor as it is. However, if the tumor gets malignant then they have to seek expert medical attention. Even if the tumor is not malignant then also it is best in the interest of the patient that they get it treated by an expert of brachial plexus surgery in Delhi.

Surgeons who have expertise in microsurgeries and have performed complex surgeries related to cosmetology are considered the best for the treatment of the injuries related to the brachial plexus network. Some of the plastic surgeons who have proven skills in the field of face surgery are the ideal choice for surgery of the injuries of brachial plexus network.

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