Top 10 Alternatives of Google AdSense Ad Network

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Having decent traffic on blog means you are capable to make money online. Google AdSense is primary option which you have in your mind. But what if it got banned for no reason? Life will shut down at beginning. No way because there are best alternatives of Google AdSense which pays better just like AdSense. So let’s have a look to those alternatives of AdSense which pays more.

Here we are enlisted all kind of ad networks like CPC, CPM, Contextual and Text Ads. You can select any best of them according to their requirement and your need.

1. Buy Sell Ads

The very new and top growing ad network is BuySellAds where so many web publishers are earning dime using ads provided by BuySellAds network. The approval is needed here to access the account. The basic requirements of BuySellAds are TLD (Tops Level Domain) name, Good Traffic (50,000+ Page Views / Month), Best Design and Fine Social Followers. BuySellAds is CPM Based advertising company where advertisers are free to choose any publishers as per traffic and price. If you were thinking for best AdSense alternative then BuySellAds is perfect alternative to you.


2. (Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ad Network)

The very known and reputed web ad network company is combined with Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ad Network. Still the ad network is starting stage and limited invitations are accepted who have decent traffic from United State, United Kingdom and Rest of the world. If you need some more dimes to earn then is also a good option for you.

3. Mad Ads Media

Another CPM based advertising network just like BuySellAds. MadAdsMedia also work well for them who is getting geo targeted traffic from all over the world. However approving from MadAdsMedia is quite simple because they do not have big requirements like others. The issue is their CPM Rates are quite average that other Ad Networks. Still the MadAdsMedia is good alternative of AdSense for earning some more money.



Another Ad Network giant is from AOL Network. Their website looks quite professional just like their service also. But their main motive is to connect best advertisers to best publishers. They do not accept sites which are low reputed and lack of traffic. But you can try once in for getting good money from advertisers. It is also considered as the prominent and very good alternative of Google AdSense.

5. Adversal

Adversal ad network is also another new company in this field which provides the highest CPM available for your inventory. They also have other publisher services like affiliate network who believe in this more than impression ads. As an alternative you can also try Adversal rather than only AdSense.


6. Value Click Media

Value Click Media is the leader in online advertising across display, mobile and video advertising. For publisher they have some requirement like decent traffic from United State and other countries. But still having this requirement it is very good alternative to AdSense ads.

Value Click Media

7. Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is completely a corporate level advertising solution where you can be a publisher if you are a big web company. Their site requirement is very good traffic from all countries which should have more than 500,000+ Page Views. We can promise that it pays really more than AdSense if you have good traffic. According to me Tribal Fusion is better than AdSense.

Tribal Fusion

8. CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is a cost effective online advertising campaigns with stronger rate of interest. They have a good tie up with all the biggest ad networks. CPX Interactive monetizes inventory for publishers ranging from the most high profile destinations, to those “best-kept secrets” that quietly deliver the highest ROI. However you need very big amount of traffic to get inside CPX Interactive. But still it is good alternative of AdSense, even better that this.

CPX Interactive

9. Infolinks

For low traffic sites there is also place in ad network companies. Infolinks is also a good alternative of AdSense. Where there is no ad place required to show ads, because your blog’s content is the place of ads. They show their ads in text which is hyper linked by them according to best available advertisers. For every blog owners who have good readers on their blog can earn big money from Infolinks ad network.


10. Kontera

Another ad network like Infolinks is Kontera, which is almost similar to previous one Infolinks. They also have same techniques to show their ads in hyper linked text. It is also a good ad network company for making some money from your contents. Once you become a good site owner I suggest shifting to another ad company from here because link ads are not really good for pro bloggers and big site owners.


Just as backup we at least have two and more working ad networks to run the money process always on. Never believe on single ad network because in time of having good traffic there may be a chance that you miss good amount of money because other ad network was providing it and you were not using it.

These are the list of best 10 AdSense alternatives which pays good amount of money for you black ad place.

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8 responses to “Top 10 Alternatives of Google AdSense Ad Network”

  1. AMIT Avatar

    Getting Approved at Tribal Fusion is not an easy task, that is for high traffic websites.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Traffic is a must brother, otherwise making money is not possible.

  2. chamal Avatar

    Do MAD ads Media ads give high CPC rates. I mean they display also Adsense ads too. Do they get some profit from our earnings ?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Chamal,

      Thanks for putting your query here. First of all I let you know that MadAdsMedia is not a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad Network. It is a CPM (Cost Per Milli) Ad Network which pays you on the numbers of impression your website generates. If you are thinking that they are disply AdSense ads then you are right at some point because they show only CPM ads from AdSense on the CPC. They also get some profit that is reasonable because they are providing you a dedicated account, but that margin is too low as AdSense.

      I hope your all queries are clear now…
      Keep commenting if more queries appear in your mind…

  3. johnc19792013 Avatar

    A good list, but I’d like to point out a few things.

    Mad Ads Media has been unable to serve international traffic for 2 months now, and with that being the case they don’t pay for lots of impressions. It’s better to give them a miss until they sort this mess out. They were my first pick, but now my rates have plummeted with them and I’m about to remove the code. looked promising but being a cpc based service the conversions are hard with the ads they have (ugly). RPM rates for my site are usually about 4 cents or less.

    Buysellads, Advertising and Tribal Fusion look great, but they are harder to get into than Mother Teresa.

    Infolinks and Kontera ads look annoying and pay minimal, like or Chitika.

    I have had success with Adversal and Value Click Media. Adversal is extremely easy to use, while Value Click Media offers slightly higher CPM rates. From what I have heard, CPX interactive fits into this group.

    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback. As you said above MadAdsMedia unable to server international traffic these days and this issue is going big because it is about 2 month that they unable to fix it. I suggest to move out or temporary use back fill ads of other ad networks as they itself suggested.

      If we talk about I never suggest to use only this, because they are contextual. It would be great if you use it alongside other ads too if you have major traffic from USA, UK and Canada because their advertisers are mostly from that locations only. I personally tested for USA and UK traffic they pay more than $ 1.5 for 1000 Impressions.

      BuySellAds are my favorite one which I am using currently which needed huge traffic as they are paying well to their publishers. Advertising and Tribal Fusion is for web giants who generates millions of impression monthly.

      Infolinks and Kontera, I never like it because of cheap ads and their rates are quite uncomfortable.

      Adversal, Value Click Media are the best one but again they need a quality traffic to get earn more. The traffic is primary need of all ad network so we constantly need to focus on building traffic, and also select a best ad network which pays you more than others. My suggestion always would be explore all the ad networks and see who pays you more and stuck with it. It would be great source of your income too.

  4. Amrish Avatar

    I have had a very good read through here and there is some fantastic information.
    I personally use Infolinks and Qadabra them seem to be doing a pretty good job although i have found sometimes Qadabra sometimes an annoying popup comes up on your screen about flash player has stopped working and your screen freezes for at least 15 seconds maybe just me i don’t know but all the same they seem pretty good so far.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes mate that is biggest issue with various cheap alternatives. Unless you have huge traffic no ad network works great for us. Thanks for visiting and leaving your feedback.

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