Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson, Online and Offline

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When it comes to being a salesperson your success greatly relies on your skills. If you want to make a living as a salesperson, you need to be able to sell the shirt off the buyer’s back. That takes drive, talent, and a connection to people that not everyone has.

Some of the same things go into selling in person as they do with selling online. While in person you can talk to someone and show them hands on the item you are trying to sell. They can see the sincerity in your face and put their hands on the product. Often this is an easier way to sell.

However, more people are doing their shopping online these days, and you want to use more than just their want to shop from the comfort of their own home as a way to attract sales. You will use social media, online advertising, and ways of communication, from texts to email, to get that sale.

Know Your Target Audience

Even when you’re selling from a brick and mortar store you still need to know who to target when it comes to advertising campaigns. Some of your advertisement may have to do with local factors, where online you want to cover global factors.

Know the ages and sexes of the people that are more likely to buy your products. Cater your advertising and sales pitches toward these things so that you show potential buyers that you know the things they are interested in and want.

Know Your Product, Inside and Out

You don’t just want to know your customers, you also need to know your products. If you try to sell something you know nothing about it’s likely you won’t make the sale. But if you can answer all the questions a person has about a product you sell they are going to see that you believe in that product and be more likely to give it a try.

Test the things you sell, and use them yourself on a daily basis. You can be your own walking sales campaign.

Know How to Close a Sale

The final thing you need to be an expert at is closing the sale. Never take maybe as an answer. If they want to think about it then it means they want to buy, you just need to give them that one reason that pushes them to pull out their credit card.

After you’ve closed the sale is a great time to throw in deals on an add-on items as well. Maybe they’ll need refills for that water filter, or an extended warranty just in case the items stops working. Let them know why they need this additional thing and how it can benefit them and their original purchase.

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