The Top 10 Heaviest Dinosaurs Ever Discovered

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Dinosaurs are the past living beings, when human being comes in to the Earth. So many numbers of dinosaurs has been discovered from last some centuries and out of these they are divided according to their features. Here we are discussing about heaviest dinosaurs ever discovered.

Heaviest Dinosaurs

Let’s see who are in the top 10 list of heaviest dinosaurs race.

1. Bruhathkayosaurus (Average 126 Tons)

Fossil remains of the dinosaurs were found in southern India. Some authorities have estimated it as having weighed as much as 220 tons, more than a blue whale, but such claims have been questioned.

2. Amphicoelias (Average 122 Tons)

Its massive size, with a length of some 25 Meters (82 Feet) has been extrapolated from vertebrae fragments discovered in Colorado in 1877, but since lost.

3. Puertasaurus (Average 80 to 100 Tons)

Its huge size has been estimated from partial remains found in Patagonia in 2001.

4. Argentinosaurus (Average 60 to 88 Tons)

An Argentinean farmer discovered a 1.8 Meters (6 Feet) bone in 1988. It was found to be the shinbone of a previously unknown dinosaur, which was given the name Argentinosaurus.

5. Argyrosaurus (Average 80 Tons)

This South American dinosaur’s name means ‘Silver Lizard’.

6. Sauroposeidon (Average 50 to 60 Tons)

Known only from vertebrae discovered in Oklahoma in 1994, its name means ‘Earthquake Lizard God’.

7. Paralitian (Average 59 Tons)

Remains discovered in 2001 in the Sahara Desert in Egypt suggested that this was a giant plant eater ever.

8. Antarctosaurus (Average 45 to 50 Tons)

The creature’s thigh bone alone measures 2.3 Meters (7.5 Feet) and a total length of 18 Meters (60 Feet) has been estimated. Some authorities have put its weight as high as 80 Tons.

9. Turiasaurus (Average 40 to 48 Tons)

The largest dinosaur yet discovered in Europe, remains of Turiasaurus were unearthed in Spain in 2003.

10. Supersaurus (Average 35 to 40 Tons)

Fragments of Supersaurus were unearthed in Colorado in 1972. Another more complete specimen, known as ‘Jimbo’, has been discovered in Wyoming and is undergoing examination.

The weights are estimated as per the objects found in fossils and manipulated with the help of scientific systems. The dinosaurs were the history and get into such histories us human’s habit.

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