The Perfect Good Morning Exercises If You Are A Night Person

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Waking up early in the morning seems to be quite a difficult procedure. Is it about you? What is more, not only awakening but even a thought about doing any physical exercise sounds crazy and undesirable during those morning moments. Oh yeah, you might have experienced all that stuff, however, it’s possible for you to begin your day the other way. Doing physical exercises is affordable for you even if you hate completing workouts to the depths of your soul.

Think about how beautiful your posture and figure will be after a month of intensive training. Besides, you shouldn’t spend money and time on getting to the gym. You may do several exercises by yourself and have significant results after a couple of training weeks. Moreover, if you exercise solo, you will not get frustrated because of comparing yourself with others. Remember: your workout is unique and your results can be judged and evaluated only by you alone. So you are not supposed to blush in front of anyone else even if something goes wrong.

But if you want to exercise you should remember to follow some simple rules and instructions. First of all, be attentive and imaginative. Consider yourself being another Jean Clod Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger or whoever you believe is an example of how a person should train. Secondly, be rather slow than quick at the beginning of your workout and don’t forget to stretch.

These exercises are definitely meant to wake you up early in the morning and make your day:

#1. Jumping Jacks

Put your hands by your sides. Stand straight with your feet. Then jump up spreading your feet and bringing your both hands above the head. Jump one more time and move back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise several times.

Jumping Jacks

This exercise is the one, which strengthens your body. It, also, promotes relaxation. If you want to lose weight, this exercise is invented for you because it increases the metabolic rate.

#2. Squats

Keep your feet parallel. Make sure, also, that your back is in the straight line. Keep your knees pointed into the same direction as your toes. You may use the dumbbells during the exercise.


It’s good to do squats two or three times a week. The less you do squats, the longer it takes to see the results. Squats are great for your back and hands, so you would better do them more often if you have issues with these parts of the body. Squat as low as you can without extra efforts. It should be comfortable for you to do them.

#3. Lunges

Make sure your upper body is straight. Your shoulders should be back with your chin up. Keep looking in front of you and don’t bend your neck to look down. Then you have to make a step forward. Lower your hips. Wait until both knees will be 90 percent degree angled to the ground.


Perfectly, your front knee is to be directly above the ankle. It mustn’t be too far. Also, the other knee shouldn’t touch the ground. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

#4. Wall Sit

Touch the wall with your back pressing against it. Slowly slide downward doing a squat posture. Do it by moving your feet forward until your knees are 90 percent degrees angled to the floor. Do it till your hamstrings are parallel to the floor. Last, but not least, hold on and stay as long as you can in this position.

Wall Sit

This exercise is really fat-losing, so keep on doing it to observe awesome results. Prolong the duration of the move each time to see more benefits and lose more calories.

#5. Push Ups

Put your hands to the ground exactly under shoulders. Make sure your body is in high plank position. Start to lower your back. Make sure your eyes are looking three feet longer in front of them and your chest touches the ground. Keep your elbows tucked to the sides. Your body is to remain straight from head to toes.

Push Ups

Push back to the initial position. Imagine that you are screwing something to the floor with the pressure of your hands.

Do it 10-20 times.

#6. Sit-Ups

Take a carpet and lie on your back. Then bend your knees. Make sure that there is a distance between your feet and hips. Put your hands on the back of your head. Keep your elbows pointed to the sides of the room. Lift your torso by bending your belly. Don’t fold your neck and keep your feet to the ground, and you will be alright. Try to move slowly. It is not demanded to be quick during this exercise.


Focus on the quality of the moves, not the quantity. More haste, less speed. So, you may wake up 30 minutes earlier to do these simple exercises to begin your day. As a result, your body is expected to be kept fit, all the yesterday’s unnecessary calories to be burnt, and the spirits to be high all day long. Try this workout and stay slim!

This article is written by Helen Rogers you can follow her on thecrossfitshoes.

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